Monday, February 23, 2015

Having Fun...

Well, this week was pretty normal, not a whole lot going on. I can´t really remember what all happened this week. This thursday night we played alittle prank on one of the elders in our house. We were talking about scary stories during lunch and so we figured that after they left we would come back for five minutes and set something up. We hung a little chunk of plastic from a fishing string outside the kitchen window and wove the string through the house all the way to my bed. haha. Then when the night came and we were all in bed I would tug on this bad boy and it would sound like something banging/scratching on the window. And when he got up to see who it was he wouldn´t see anybody. Ah it was so simple, but so good. The three of us were laughing so hard afterward. We didn´t tell him until the morning and he got pretty offended. He´s still pretty grumpy about it. Friday morning we went to Chuy again, up by Brazil. We had to do an interview up there so we took advantage of the situacion and also did some divisions with the missionaries in their area up there. We have a lot of investigators with a lot of potencial and we just need to get them to come to church once more and finish teaching them the lessons, but satan is working hard. Making flat tires (bettina couldn´t come because her motorbike had a flat) and convincing our investigators to go watch Carnaval and stay out until 4 in the morning and sleep through church(luis). A pretty hard week. a pretty hot week too.

I´ll try to send some photos, last time it didn´t work. 

Elder Webber

Monday, February 16, 2015

A Wedding and a Baptism...

To start, wednesday were the changes and we traveled to montevideo for that. A pretty normal meeting, nothing new. We got the elders and sisters that were coming to our zone and put them on the bus and left. I got to talk to elder england, and elder taylor on the way. My ex comps. Theyre doing really well, which made me happy. Thursday morning we woke up and put on our fancy clothes, yeah, because we had a wedding to attend. 10 in the morning and we left to go to the court house to be at the wedding of Daniel and Stella. In a tiny little back basement room, with the florecent light bulb, they got married. I have some photos that I will try to send. The whole deal only lasted about 20 minutes. They signed some papers and the witnesses signed some papers then they kissed and we threw rice at them. The next day was their baptism, friday the 13th. Actually one of the best days ever. In the morning they came to the church to have an interview with president and came out crying. I dont know how he does it, but hes good at it. They were really excited for their baptism so President bought us all hamburgers! yeah! The missionaries who found Daniel and Stella got to come back here from their areas to participate in the baptism. It was one of the most spiritual baptisms Ive ever participated in. They were crying, their kids were crying, the bishop was crying. It was great. They were so happy. Afterwards we had some cake and chips to celebrate and it was all good. That was friday and saturday was a normal day work. Nothing really new to report there, and sunday was good and normal too. We did have a miracle show up in church. A man just wandered in and said that his wife had died about 2 months ago and he said that needed to come to church. Well, do we have the thing for you! Really nice old man, about 70 years old. We invited him to be baptized on the spot and he accepted. We will see how that goes. We have a lesson with him tomorrow. Hopefully he makes it. Sunday we went out to the little part called Villa Sara again. We actually went on the mission map on the website and used the distance tool to see how far it is. 5.2 kilometers to our investigators house. so 10.4 total. Thats like 6 miles. One hour walking out there, 30 minute charla, and one hour walking back. Hopefully that pays off. We do have a really nice investigator out there called Bettina. 

I dont really have a whole lot more, or at least I cant remember right now. 

Elder Webber

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A "Busy Boy..."

Well this week was really eventful. 

Monday of course was p day and we didn´t do a whole lot. Just the usual, clean the house, grocery shop and laundry. We went to bed at 1030 and woke up at 1:30 to go catch our bus to montevideo. 

Tuesday morning we got to montevideo right on time, 8:50, ten minutes early for the leadership council. Breakfast and then we got started. Everything in the meeting went perfectly. There has a big thing recently about how we receive our weekly alottage of money. It used to be once a month, then they changed it to half the amount everything 15 days. O.k, that´s fine. But of course we get missionaries who complain because now they have to pay twice to take their money out. Well nobody ever said you HAVE to take it out every 15 days, you can wait a whole month if you want, or two or whatever. That ended that topic pretty quickly because everybody realized it was true. Time saved. They also changed the way we set our goals. It used to be just the number of areas that every zone has and that would be our goal. Not a whole lot of revelation involved. So we changed it back, yesssssss. The mission has been missing the urgency that we used to have and this new change brings it all back. Yes. Lunch and then we have to give a report of how our zone did, we did really well this month, so no worries. We helped everybody pack up and clean up and we were finally out of there at about 7 in the afternoon. Enough time to catch a bus to our old house in carrasco, put one baptismal fecha with a woman in the street and buy some yogurt. 

Wednesday we woke up early to go use some gym down the street. The missionaries there are teaching the owner so he let us use it for free. I figured, yeah I´m still in shape. So I picked up some weights and couldn´t walk for the rest of the day. Good stuff. Then I went out with Elder Taylor, my companion in the MTC to go work in my old area! That was so much fun! We enjoyed that so much, and I got to go see Sandra who me and Elder England baptized when I was in that area. Her son came out, saw me, and yelled to his mom, ¨mom you have no idea who is here!¨ It was so good to see her again, she is doing really bad with her health, she has parkingsons and has lost a ton of weight and shaking way worse than when we baptized her. ahh. We went home, had lunch and then went to the temple to meet MIRTA! wooohooo. She is doing super well! We went in the temple and got to be in the session with her. That was so awesome! and I got to see my trainer, elder contreras again. He goes home tomorrow. So that is kinda crazy. We caught a bus back to 33 and got home about 1 in the morning thursday. 

The weekend was great, had 8 investigators in the church, 2 that should have been baptized this week, Daniel and Stella. They needed that question 4 interview, so what did we do? we gave the assistants a 2 week heads up on that so that they can be baptized the same day as their wedding and they just called us half an hour ago to tell us that they can´t come. ughhhhh. Well their baptism was going to be this thursday and now we have to tell them they can´t be married and baptized on the same day. That will be a hard lession but I´m sure they will understand. 

Yesternight the changes came in and so we got to go to the cyber to print them off. Man I was so nervous they were going to take me out of here and away from Rodriguez. We work so well together and we are having so much fun and so much success. Thankfully when they came it said that we would be staying together and next to it in the notes section it said ¨you´re just too cute together.¨ we got a good laugh out of that. 

Well anyways, that´s about it here in 33. Looks like I´ll be ¨killing¨ elder rodriguez. Finishing what we started almost a year ago back in El Pinar (autodromo) good stuff. Thanks for the package, that will be appreciated. 

Elder Webber

Monday, February 2, 2015

Busy, Busy... And Going to the Temple...

This week was went by fast, again. Nothing special even happened, just working in our area. We didn´t even do any intercambio with the district leaders or anything. We have a little part of our area, I think I told you guys, its called Villa Sara. It takes forever to get there and there are no buses. At the very far end of this little place we have an investigator called Betina. It takes about an hour to get there, have a quick charla and then walk all the back. Its ridiculous. So that takes most of the morning usually. Worth it of course, because she came to church with her little girl who is 5 years old. At first the little girl hated us, we tried everything to make her like us, even making little oragami stuff but she would just destroy it. Finally she warmed up to us and we think they both enjoyed the church. Well we hope so. I guess we will find out when we go visit her again. Which will be thursday because this next week is going to be so busy. 
Listen to this, today is p day and tonight at about midnight we will have to leave to montevideo again and get there at about 6. We have council that whole day then we will stay in our old house in Carrasco for the night. Its funny, because me and my companion were there together and now we are going back. We will say hello to my convert and help the missionaries out there for half a day because..... I´m going to the TEMPLE with Mirta! yeah. My first convert!. She is finally going. This wednesday at 4 in the afternoon. We´re so excited. 
Anyways, the bishop decided he wanted to call me and my companion as ward secretaries so we might have that calling by next week as well. I´m looking forward to that, something new. 
This change, the last 6 weeks, went by sooooo fast. And now my companion is going to be in his last this next week. Crazy, I was with him when he hit a year in my first area. That just seems like last week. Oh well. 
We have some really great investigators called Daniel and Stella. They´ve been taught by the missionaries for about 6 months now because they had to get married. They come to church everyweek and they are basically members already. Well, they have a date to get married the 12th of February. Which is a day after changes. We hope we are both here for that. We went over the baptismal questions with them and they are all good except the wife has a problem with question number 4..... but we know how to take care of it. Testify of the atonement and of the repentance process, express our love and concern for them and assure them that we will do all we can to help them get to their baptism. and as it says in the instruction book ¨do not promise that they will be baptized.¨ I dont have any doubt that she will be baptized, but it´s just the rules. 
Just really amazing to see the power of the atonement working up close and personal with the people. She really came to know that she can be forgiven for the things she did in the past. Cool experience indeed. 
Well I think that´s about it for now. It´s going to be a pretty great week.

Elder Webbe