Monday, November 24, 2014

Stayin' Put

Yeah the shoes are perfect thanks. I just stacked the shoes on top of eachother, but it must have been a funky angle because the old shoe does look a lot bigger. But yesh, I am pretty happy to be staying with my oro. He´s a good guy and we had a great change together. I think, and am hoping that we´ll have a good amount of success this coming month. Changes were fun as always. My companion stayed and worked with another elder while I went to changes with the other district leader to get stuff for our district and for the leadership meeting. Got to see all the old boys, this was the first change where I knew most of the group that was going home. Sad stuff. Also, one of my companions from the MTC asked if I would extend my mission with him. About a week or two. I told him I would have to think about it. So we have a new zone leader as well, Elder Gutierez, so that means that we have to do our leadership meeting monday mornings in spanish now. haha oh well. I was pretty sad to see half of my district get changed out, they were working so well together, but the new district is pretty great as well. They changed my district up and now I have two elders who are working in an area called Barrio 14. So my district now is, Hermana Lanuza, Talbot, Denos, and Arriloga and Elders, Gordilla and morales. We´re going to have a good change. Friday we had a district meeting and it might have been my best so far. The zone leaders were in my meeting and said they were impressed. We walked by one of the borders of a red zone that we have in our area, we didn´t even go inside, and they started throwing rocks at us. Luckily, because they all play soccer, the latinos don´t have any hand eye coordination so they never even reach us. I almost forgot about thanksgiving. Good ole turkey. 

Kenny is going to Nicaragua? good luck. haha my last comp was from that place. that will be quite the experience. Of course, according to him, its the best country on the planet. So I guess we´ll see.

Well that´s about it, my companion has convinced me that I NEED a surpressor / silencer for my sig sauer. Sooooooo the papers for that take about 10 months. Just if you´re thinking about next years birthday present. haha. 

But really, thanks,
Elder Webber

photo, my comp got his first letter in the feild woohoo. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Shoes!

Yeah! I just got the shoe package this week! ahhh new socks and new shoes. Boy do those bad boys feel pretty good. And all the chocolates were appreciated. I would just have the box next to my desk during study hours and I would just eat a few here and there and they were gone in a couple of days.... oh well. Sounds all good at home. 
 This week was a good week. Keeps getting hotter so I keep getting sunburned. We had a double mission conference this week with Elder Christensen of the presidency of the seventy. A very learned man if I do say so myself. We really enjoyed that. He had some time after for some Q and A. Most of the questions were pretty garbage honestly, and alittle too much brown nosing. ¨how can I improve my studies¨ ok come on. But there were a few that were pretty good. This saturday we spent most of the day up in Belloni helping the zone leaders do their open house for their church. Really successful, but I was worried that spending a saturday up there would hurt our church attendance the next day. It didn´t really. We still had 5 in church. Santiago didn´t show up, lamentablemente. 3 of the other four can´t progress because they aren´t married and the last one is an investigator called Laticia who we have been working with for a good few weeks now, but every week something just mysteriously happens that made it impossible to come to church. Daughter gets sick, grandma dies, stuff like that. We were on the verge of dropping her as an investigator but we found her one more time and invited her and she showed up! woohoo. Then we invited her to be baptized again and set up another lession and it went really well. Shared the plan of salvation and she got all teary eyed and seems really excited for her baptism in two weeks. Hope it all turns out. 
Last night we spent at the zone leaders house so that we could be there when the changes came in. Change week. We didn´t think that the zone would be changed too much and we were wrong. Everything changed. Every companionship in the zone got changed except for ours. It will be a struggle these next coming weeks. We were doing so well as a zone, I don´t really understand why they would change the whole zone like that. oh well. We will just have to adapt and work harder. I think that´s about it. Not much happened this week. I´ll try to send some photos from this week too. 

Elder Webber

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy New Year...

Yeah what a crazy week. I did get your package. I opened with my companion and zone leaders and they were all pretty confused to why I recieved a bunch of toys and stuff. But that was good so thanks. I will need to pin for my card though.... and I use the glasses straw thing, its pretty neat. Sounds like stuff is going pretty good back home. Good old jajiva. Tell the boys that the scope on my gun is loose and if they want to use it they should tighten it first. And tell ben to put my address of the mission offices on my facebook so the homies can write me. My missionary packet should be home and my address in there. 

Yes, what an awesome week, I shall start at the begining, It was a hot and humid night, as usual and I am awoken around midnight by a very large man banging his hands against the window that my bed is up against. Obviously I am startled and the man leaves the window and begins to make his way to our front door and I hear him trying to open the door! By now I am out of bed and have awoken my comp and have a broom stick as a weapon, see the light change in the kitchen, like a door or window just opened and so I look down the hall, and I see a large maybe, six foot six  dark figure standing in our kitchen. yes alittle heart attack, but it turned out to just be our laundry hanging on the line. My comp calls our neighbors and asks them to come over, once the man has left. Yes it was just the neighbor wanting to talk to us about lunch the next day. At midnight? ok. New years was fun. Food is always always sketchy. and the water, but we just eat and pray. mosquitos at night, or i think, they might be bed bugs because they dont itch, and i never see the mosquitos. Just covered in random red dots. My missionary tan is coming along quite nicely, and we had intercambios, which is where I go with a different companion for a day and a night. and I got to go with Elder Do Santos, Zone leader. He was super nice, and played rugby before the mish, learned so much because he could explain things in english, he was from argentina. We had a really fun night at an inactive members house playing this weird stacking mini chairs game. Oh and it rained this week! So I got to wear the cool sweater that I found in our appartment. And our investigators are doing well. We had almost all of them come to church this week, and one of them it was her second time coming, know what that means? Thats right, an investigator only needs to attend church twice to get baptized, so hopefully we can keep teaching her and maybe this week?! We have Pablo and Lorena, who are not married and ancient investigators, which means they just like talking to missionaries, and we have Evelyn and Ismel who we found last week, and Ricardo who is in a wheel chair, alittle weird, but he has a ton of faith, and then we have Mirta who is the one who might get baptized. And We had 4 of them come to church. woohoo. 

Package was nice, and yes, more g's, and alot of u.s. postage stamps, super glue would be nice and family photos! Email me some family photos too. 
I have a weird indent on one of my teeth, not sure what it is or where it came from but its there, I figure if my tooth falls out, dad promised I could get a silver one. so Yeah. 

Good stuff! Good to hear about ben and rugby going nicely, and joshua, aaron is still just chillin, tell aaron to make me a cd with all the best songs, like a power cd. I need good stuff. 

Much loves, 
Elder Webber

Lost on The Bus....

This week went by way too fast. Last week I asked my companion for a blessing because of the sickness and I was feeling substantially better. 
Monday was P day and we didn´t do a whole lot, just slept and cleaned the house, it was a normal week until thursday because we had the new Elder Conference in Carrasco. So we woke up early to catch a few busses to get to Carrasco in the morning. I really enjoyed that conference, especially because they had breakfast and lunch provided. I feel like my Oro learned some important things and I feel like I did a pretty good job training him so far, one more change and he´ll be ready to go. 
After the conference we had to go to Portones shopping mall to catch a bus, that´s the same place I did my emails for 12 weeks while I was in Carrasco. We went in to take a look and thought about buying some ties but we opted to not. Got alittle lost on the busses coming back home because we accidently took the wrong bus that took us to the other side of montevideo, luckily I had served there so I knew which one to take to get back on track. Then friday we had a zone conference and an intercambio so I spent that day and night in an area called Libia. They say its one of the more sketchy areas in the mission, but they don´t have anything on Bella Italia. haha. I was with Elder Cervantes from Peru for that day. Friday was aslso the same day I completed my first year in the mission! woohoo. and I just happened to get my birthday package that day! All thems candys are super good, so I have to share some with my companion, so thank you very much, and both of the singing cards functioned and I got both of Josephs letters which were pretty awesome. I will have to write some back today then.
Finally saturday we had a full day of work to invite our investigators to the church. We had a 5 investigators in church, 4 of which cannot progress because they aren´t married. Ugh. Uruguay, why do you do this to me? They´re working on getting married, but by the time they do I will be loooonnnng gone out of this area. That´s that, next wednesday is changes so we should see if I´m going anywhere, I really doubt it but thats ok. We should have the baptism of santiago this next tuesday, so like 9 days from now. We just need to find more investigators who want to progress and are married. 

Elder Webber