Monday, November 24, 2014

Stayin' Put

Yeah the shoes are perfect thanks. I just stacked the shoes on top of eachother, but it must have been a funky angle because the old shoe does look a lot bigger. But yesh, I am pretty happy to be staying with my oro. He´s a good guy and we had a great change together. I think, and am hoping that we´ll have a good amount of success this coming month. Changes were fun as always. My companion stayed and worked with another elder while I went to changes with the other district leader to get stuff for our district and for the leadership meeting. Got to see all the old boys, this was the first change where I knew most of the group that was going home. Sad stuff. Also, one of my companions from the MTC asked if I would extend my mission with him. About a week or two. I told him I would have to think about it. So we have a new zone leader as well, Elder Gutierez, so that means that we have to do our leadership meeting monday mornings in spanish now. haha oh well. I was pretty sad to see half of my district get changed out, they were working so well together, but the new district is pretty great as well. They changed my district up and now I have two elders who are working in an area called Barrio 14. So my district now is, Hermana Lanuza, Talbot, Denos, and Arriloga and Elders, Gordilla and morales. We´re going to have a good change. Friday we had a district meeting and it might have been my best so far. The zone leaders were in my meeting and said they were impressed. We walked by one of the borders of a red zone that we have in our area, we didn´t even go inside, and they started throwing rocks at us. Luckily, because they all play soccer, the latinos don´t have any hand eye coordination so they never even reach us. I almost forgot about thanksgiving. Good ole turkey. 

Kenny is going to Nicaragua? good luck. haha my last comp was from that place. that will be quite the experience. Of course, according to him, its the best country on the planet. So I guess we´ll see.

Well that´s about it, my companion has convinced me that I NEED a surpressor / silencer for my sig sauer. Sooooooo the papers for that take about 10 months. Just if you´re thinking about next years birthday present. haha. 

But really, thanks,
Elder Webber

photo, my comp got his first letter in the feild woohoo. 

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