Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lost on The Bus....

This week went by way too fast. Last week I asked my companion for a blessing because of the sickness and I was feeling substantially better. 
Monday was P day and we didn´t do a whole lot, just slept and cleaned the house, it was a normal week until thursday because we had the new Elder Conference in Carrasco. So we woke up early to catch a few busses to get to Carrasco in the morning. I really enjoyed that conference, especially because they had breakfast and lunch provided. I feel like my Oro learned some important things and I feel like I did a pretty good job training him so far, one more change and he´ll be ready to go. 
After the conference we had to go to Portones shopping mall to catch a bus, that´s the same place I did my emails for 12 weeks while I was in Carrasco. We went in to take a look and thought about buying some ties but we opted to not. Got alittle lost on the busses coming back home because we accidently took the wrong bus that took us to the other side of montevideo, luckily I had served there so I knew which one to take to get back on track. Then friday we had a zone conference and an intercambio so I spent that day and night in an area called Libia. They say its one of the more sketchy areas in the mission, but they don´t have anything on Bella Italia. haha. I was with Elder Cervantes from Peru for that day. Friday was aslso the same day I completed my first year in the mission! woohoo. and I just happened to get my birthday package that day! All thems candys are super good, so I have to share some with my companion, so thank you very much, and both of the singing cards functioned and I got both of Josephs letters which were pretty awesome. I will have to write some back today then.
Finally saturday we had a full day of work to invite our investigators to the church. We had a 5 investigators in church, 4 of which cannot progress because they aren´t married. Ugh. Uruguay, why do you do this to me? They´re working on getting married, but by the time they do I will be loooonnnng gone out of this area. That´s that, next wednesday is changes so we should see if I´m going anywhere, I really doubt it but thats ok. We should have the baptism of santiago this next tuesday, so like 9 days from now. We just need to find more investigators who want to progress and are married. 

Elder Webber

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