Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"Put a Date..."

Sure enough we are entering summer. And this week was HOT. I´m talking about sweat dripping down the back during lessions. Ugh. Not a whole lot happened this week with our progressing investigators. Friday we were looking good, we were expecting to have maybe 4 investigators in church on sunday and they had committed to coming and everything. 
Friday was also the first time for my companion that we had rocks thrown at us, by a full grown man and his teenage sons. I wish I could say that was my first time as well. Stay classy Bella Italia. This sunday was the voting for the new president here in Uruguay and the government uses the churches as voting houses so we had to travel to a city called Prosperidad. (prosperity) to have church. Of course that makes things complicated for the investigators and none of them ended up coming. The chapel was tiny over there and we had 3 wards there. It had one big room, about the size of the primary room, for the sacrament room, a kitchen which was the elders quorom and another room for the relief society. No air conditioning and we were in our suits. Wasn´t the best sunday of my life especially because we had no investigators in church. 
This voting this weekend killed the zone, and the mission. We have 4 more days to get the zone goal and it will be extrememly difficult. During this week, I think wednesday we had a fair amount of lessions fall through so we went to the apartment building. We said we would choose one building and one door to knock. We didn´t have much time before our next lession so we went up to the top floor, number 4 and knocked on a door. An old shirtless man answered with a ciggarette in his and and invited us in. We had a pretty solid lession and invited him to be baptized. Of course he accepted but now we are having trouble getting in contact with him again. That´s just the Uruguay lifestyle. Our zone plans are still the same, and I love them. Put a date with every ¨new¨ we find and have daily contact with them. It means we are inviting anywhere between 3 and maybe 7 people to be baptized every day. There is absolutely no reason they should not have a date to be baptized if they are willing enough to give you their address and a day to come back. So we do it and it works miracles. We have become quite the zone. 

Elder Webber

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