Tuesday, October 7, 2014


This week seemed longer than usual. Im not sure why, maybe because the anticipation for conference or for changes. Its starting to get hot too, hot and humid. I forgot how hot it gets here. We went to a less actives house this week to see what´s up and tell them to come church and stop being lazy and of course to get confy and gain their trust we show family photos. Almost every time they always say, oh que joven es su mama. Which is to say, oh how young is your mother. Yes yes, so there you go mom. 
There´s really not a whole lot to say about the week. I guess my distric did really really well. We ended the month with 12 baptisms. The zone had 24. My district had more baptisms than most other zones. The zone leaders were really happy. Conference came around and we didn´t have any investigators come. Of course because we have to take a bus 30 minute to the stake center. The ward doesn´t help, we had 4 preisthood holders in the preisthood session. The bishop didn´t even come. And in the sunday morning session we had 8 members from the ward. wooohoooo..... The ward is sad, there are pages and pages and pages of less active/ non active members in the ward. Its hard to work when the members dont want to go to church. Ugh.

But after the morning session sunday I recieved a call from president saying that I was going to be Trainer this change. Woohoo. I´m really exicted. Kinda a bummer that my son will have to be raised in this area, its not the best place to start off, but its good, makes him tough. So will have to leave ALONE, early tomorrow morning to pick up my new companion from montevideo. I didn´t believe the zone leaders when they told me that I had to go alone. Kinda nervous for that. 

Elder Robbins, who spoke in the conference saturday, came to speak to us here in the mission no more than 3 months ago, and Elder Gavarret who spoke in spanish saturday, Is from Minas Uruguay. That´s where I was! dont know if you guys caught that. 

Anyways, I think that´s about it. Maybe for a birthday present or a christmas present, another pair of black pants, and shoes. That would be nice. 

Elder Webber

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