Monday, September 29, 2014

A Tough Week, But Good...

To start, I had double, back to back, intercambio with the zone leader elder Jorgensen from Highland Utah tuesday, then with elder Shurtz, a new missionary, he has about 4 months in the mission and he´s from Delta Utah. Good kid, still really struggling with the language, the zone leaders said I would basically be working alone that day. Sure enough. It was hard, but I really enjoyed it. Elder Shurtz is enlisted in the national guard so we had some good talks about stories from there and talking about if he gets on active duty during the mission. Friday we had a baptismal interview for a young woman called Cinthia. She´s about 21 years old and was taught by sister missionaries years ago in argentina. We found her a few weeks ago and put a fecha for this last week. She did great and turns out her little sister wanted to be baptized as well. So friday we did her interview. Sunday came around and it was hard. One of the most stressful days of my life. I keep saying, well at least it cant get much more stressful. But then the next week rolls in. Sunday morning we went to go pass by some of the less-firm investigators like we always do, of course they didn´t want to come. Oh well. We still had a good 6 investigators in the church. Including Cinthia and her sister, who are pretty weird, they didn´t want anybody to know about the baptism because they are pretty shy and just wanted it to be family event, the bishop didn´t agree and announced it in sacrement and she got mad and left right after the meeting ended and didn´t give us a chance to explain. Didn´t help that we were supposed to have 5 confirmations as well but they didn´t show up because they´re grandma was having health problems. Ugh so we went by their house after church, the baptismal font was already half way full and she said that we had lied to her by saying that there was not going to be anybody just like she wanted, and now the whole ward was going to come. Then her mom tried to curse us and put evil spirits on us with her Makumba junk. Cinthia didn´t want anything to do with the church or with us. We just said sorry and said we would wait until they were ready to continue teaching again. So we went to lunch to ponder and think about what we would do. Called the zone leaders and elder gave me a three word sermon. ¨just fix it.¨ Ughh... ok. Just then, we ran out of minutes on our cell phone and we got a text from cinthia saying sorry that she acted childly. Needless to say we sprinted out the door of lunch and down the street to put more minutes on our phone to send a text saying more or less, that we were still ready to baptize her if she wanted and we would be waiting at the church. And the rain started. Not just rain, but hail, like the size of the bigger marbles. Huge bad boys, and we were stuck outside without umbrellas in our suits. Oh well. Hop on a bus and finished filling up the font and cinthia answers us saying, ok, she will be there. Yesssss. We called a few members to have some witnesses and somebody to pray, baptized her and there it is. The mom of the two sisters showed up, who does Makumba, and she was crying after and saying that she had never felt such joy before. Yessss. What a change. The little sister couldn´t be baptized because she is still a minor and her dad didn´t want her to. Ok. But the mom promised her, in the church, that if God wants it, she will be baptized this week. Oh... God wants it... yes he does. We called the zone leaders and said we just fixed it and they were really impressed, said that there are few missionaries who can do what we just did. Ugh. I´m just happy that general conference is this week. Its a good spiritual break. Coming to the end of the change. Happy for that too. Oh... and my shoes are basically dead and gone. Sooooooo. haha. But anyways that´s about it for the week. Doing pretty good, its starting to get pretty hot now. Summer time is coming. I´m not really looking forward to that. 

Thanks and loves,
Elder Webber

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