Monday, September 22, 2014


This was another pretty crazy week. I guess to start off we had the leadership meeting monday and the zone leaders wanted to know why we weren´t going to baptize that family of alba, angia, leonardo, mystica and andrew on sunday. Usually we don´t do baptisms on sundays, so we talked to the family and they were really excited to do it sunday, because they wanted to saturday, and so they would come in the morning to church to meet the requirements of coming to church several times and then they would be baptized in the afternoon. But we´ll get to that later.

I had my  district meeting and it went good, they´re slowly getting better I think. That same day I had an intercambio with Elder Perkins, from california. Who is also a professional Jazz Pianist. Yeah it was cool. We were in the zone leaders house and he is a district leader too, so we got to talk about the zone and more plans we had as leaders. It was fun, but all good things must come to an end, and I had to return to bella Italia. But it´s good because we had alot of work to do with preparing that family. We were in the church talking with the bishop about it and in runs this crazy brazilian dude yelling portugese, and alittle spanish and alittle english. It was hard to understand but we got enough to understand that he was from brazil and he was doing a bicyle trip from brazil through uruguay and argentina to chile. He had already been at it for a good 2 week and had crossed almost all of uruguay. He was a member and needed a place put his tent and some food. It was about 8 at night so we told him to come with us and we let him put his tent in our backyard. He was crazy. But he gave us his email and stuff so we can communicate. We cooked him some rice and gave him some milk and locked all the doors and slept with our knives because he was a sketchy dude. But it went good and he woke up at 5 and we unlocked the gate and he left, to continue his adventure. 

Friday we had all 5 baptismal interviews and the zone leader was dead by the end. a good 2 and a half hours of interviews. But it went smoothly and we spent the next couple days inviting members and people to come to the baptism, trying to find enough white clothes to baptize them all. Sunday rolled around and it was the most successful sunday I´ve ever had in my mission. We had 13 investigators in the church and 8 less actives and 4 recent converts. The total church assistance was 70 sooooooo. about 20 percent were our investigators.  That afternoon we filled up the baptistry and got all the white clothes ready and I learned how to play Venid a Mi on the piano. I dont remember what it is called in english. The family showed up at about 530 and nobody from the bishopric, or from the relief society presidency, or from the young womens presidency or from primary presidency showed up. Members.... your best friends and your worst enemies. I mean we baptized two older women, a young woman, and two kids for the primary and nobody showed up. Oh well, no me importa, the ordinance is the important part. We didn´t even have enough priesthood holders there for witnesses so I had to be one of the witnesses and a priest from the ward baptized them. Afterwards they all shared their testimonies, pretty spiritual. Sometimes you just want to rest after a big event like that, its a lot of stress. But we still have investigators who need to be baptized this coming saturday so there´s no time to stop. Woohooo. I´ll try to include a photo.

Anyways, I think that´s about it for the week. This saturday we should be baptizing a woman called cynthia. She´s been to church a few times in argentina and a few times here so we will see. She is kinda weird, really shy and doesn´t want anybody to be at her baptism. Ok, easier for us! but thanks 

Elder Webber

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