Monday, September 8, 2014

A Crazy Week....

An interesting week. Alot happened. We are working with this family, Alba, Angie, Mistica, Leo, and Giermo. They should be baptized the 20th, they came to church yesterday and are still looking pretty strong. One of the little kids said he wants to be an Elder when he´s older. They´re a great family, Alba and angie are mother and daughter and both of their husbands left them, well their boy friends, so we don´t have to worry about getting them married. Then we have an investigor called Felix. He is the father of a member and he showed up to church by himself last week and he came this week and should be baptized this saturday if he can stay strong and not smoke. We had a lunch with him because he´s a really nice guy and they made a special lunch called an asado, which is like a bbq but with the left over parts of a cow. All the good parts go to the states. 
Earlier this week we had a family home evening with some converts and they gave us cebada, which is like a barley drink and it looks and smells alot like coffee. It´s what all the converts drink when they have to stop drinking coffee because they say it tastes the same but doesn´t have the caffiene or anything. So they gave us some and I was shaking some sugar in mine and the lid to the sugar came off and filled my cup half full with sugar. I didn´t want the member to notice so I drank it anyways. It was gross. I almost threw up later that night because we had to run home to get home on time. We ran through the streets and we could hear stuff in the piles of garbage on the sides of the road, I thought it was dogs or cats but my comp said that they´re rats. I didn´t believe him until I saw one. Oh good gravy. Those things are huge. Without its tail, the body is probably a good 10 inches. Rodents of unusual size. Just weird experiences the whole week, one of our investigators told us he doesn´t like to be in his house because they used to practice makumba there and he ¨feels things¨. Makumba is creepy, comes out of brazil. We found a woman who´s 14 year old child was killed in a car crash a few months ago and her heart was pretty hardened against God but we shared the plan of salvation with her and she was crying by the end and we thinking, yes yes, this is going good until her husband came in and said they weren´t married and we never going to and she agreed with him. ughhhh Its the worst. 
We do have a few investigators who want to get married and are working in the paper work and official stuff. That and drugs. Drugs are a tool of the devil. Really. We will find people in the street that will tell us their stories, they had families, homes, jobs and now they collect plastic bottles to get enough money to buy their next high. We call them Perdidos en la Pasta. Lost in the pasta. Which basically means they´ve just lost their marbles, zombies to the drugs. Ugh.. 
This week I also had my first two baptismal interviews as District leader. One old man called Ramon and a little girl called Augustina. My district had the only baptisms in the zone this week. woo hooo vamos arriba Bella Pando. (the name of our district because its Bella Italia, Pando A, Pando B, and Pando C.) My district is doing pretty well, we are still going to go forward with the plans that we have, which is invite every single new investigator to be baptized, have daily contact with the investigators with a date to be baptzed, and work without zeros. In spanish it´s sin ceros, which sounds like sinceros, which means sincere. So if we work without zeros we are working sincere. Woohoo. Just a crazy week, just all over the place, trying to get our area good and the district working good too. I have to do another district meeting tomorrow and I have nothing prepared, but I will look at the numbers for this week and see what we need to change and we will do practices to help us. 

I don´t think I need anything, I´m pretty good for now, my shoes are getting pretty worn in, thems calles Uruguayas aren´t too nice. I´ll try to send a photo of what we walk by everyday. 

Elder Webber

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