Monday, September 1, 2014

Bella Italia....

Bella Italia, beautiful italy. Its not beautiful and its not Italy.The zone is called Maroñas and the only thing I can think of that would be interesting are the horse races that they have. The rest is pretty....dreary. Really really poor. I´ve seen some bad areas but this one tops them. They say its pretty dangerous and it looks like it too. Chau Minas. Tuesday night I said goodbye to Elder Williams at 4 in the morning and then went back to sleep because he was going to go train so he had to be in Montevideo before us and he went with the zone leaders. We left at about 7 to get on ¨the change bus¨ with all our bags and stuff and I found my MTC companion Elder Taylor there. Changes was pretty normal, just swarms of missionaries all running around trying to find people or their things and where they´re going. I found my van and loaded my stuff and got all the stuff I needed for my District. I got the package too! woo hooo yeah I made some carmel popcorn the other day and I  will make some for my next district meeting. I couldn´t find my companion because he didn´t come to changes, he had to stay and work in his area with another district leaders companion. Hes... a good guy. Real hard worker. From nicaragua and got changed here for visa reasons I think, I´m not really sure because he doesn´t talk much. Our house is pretty nice though, just us two and Shakira which is a chicken, the owners of the house said that this chicken has lived in our yard for almost 10 years now and it lays eggs. One of the rules is that missionaries can´t have pets, even if they do give us eggs so I was about to get rid of it but my comp said that its approved by president. I will have to check on that... but until then, free eggs. I had my first district meeting on friday too. I was really nervous of having to speak or conduct a meeting for an hour and a half, thinking I didnt have enough material but I ended up not having enough time. I feel like it went really well. We have some district goals to work without zeros, so no zeros when we verify at the end of the night and to invite every new investigator that we find to be baptized and to put a fecha with them. Easy enough. My district is me and my comp and six sister missionaries. The old district leader left a paper in the house with the names of all the progressing investigators in the house and it was titled, Fechas, (dates) of the relief society. Ugh. Verifications are always interesting, I learned to never ever ask how they feel. Or you´ll be stuck there for a while, and then you´ll be late giving account to the zone leaders of your district. The sisters work hard. The ward is pretty sad, we went to visit the bishop my first day to introduce myself and see what the plans were and he only has one counselor because they are lacking worthy preisthood holders in the ward. I thought thats just a joke or they aren´t really looking but sure enough, there is nobody. Even our ward mission leader is in-active and we think he might be ¨studying the bible¨ with the JWs. It doesn´t help. We had about 35 members in church, thats even smaller than the BRANCH in Minas. Its going to be an interesting change. But early this morning I was in the lidership meeting with the Zone leaders and other district leaders and we all have the vision to change this zone. Its been a pretty sad zone but President has sent two zone leaders who really tend to transform zones where ever they go from sad and slow to powerhouses. Im really looking forward to it. 

Anyways, thanks for the package. We really enjoyed that. I don´t think there´s anything more. We will see what this week has in store. 

Elder Webber

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