Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rain! (And Moving (again))

Muchos gracias papa y mama. I havent gottten any packages yet but thats understandable because Im way out here in the boonies. A letter a week might be alittle much, maybe like one a month or something. 

The begining of this week it was hot, really hot and humid here in the hills of Minas. Reminded me of christmas, ugh. Sweating in the streats and sweating at night. But then the cold came back and the storms came too. It just rained and theres a big wind which makes the umbrellas pretty useless because the rain just comes sideways underneath it. We were hiking over this hill the other day to get to a little people who live on the other side, this dirt road that takes about 45 minutes to get up and down the other side and we got caught in this storm at the top. Mud everwhere as we ran down the hill and knocked on the nearest members house who let us in but the rain was leaking through his metal roof. It was actually a lot of fun. Just soaking wet to the bone me and comp running through the downpour. Then the next day it cleared up alittle and I found a four leaf clover, woohoo. 
Then the rains came back. Some clover huh. The rain made it hard to find people but easier to get into the houses because they felt bad for us. Works like a charm. Saturday we were supposed to have a baptism but the investigator, Nis, never showed up for his interview so his service fell through. We couldn't find him until yesterday night, said that something came up and he had to go out of town. We don't believe him, he did this before with other missionaries as well. Maybe he isnt one of the chosen and prepared ones. Sunday we had stake conference that was broadcasted from salt lake and Elder Bednar talked to us. It was super mission focused. Just telling the members that the mission work is THEIR work and the missionaries are just there to help. It should help to get some members on board  with the work. Then yes, yesterday we found our boy Nis, we just decided to go to his house one night and we found him there and he let us in, we just said we have done everything, even organized his interview and his service, now its in his hands. If he wants to be baptized he has to show his desires. Faith without works is the definition of this investigator. We offered a kneeling prayer and we wanted him to do it but he wouldn't so I ended up doing it. That was a spiritual experience, really just felt like the words were falling out of my mouth and I wasn't having to think of what to say. After the prayer he got up and said he had a surprise that he really wants to be baptized. 
Buuuuuuuutttttt I will not be here to see it, because changes came in last night and Im being moved. Back to montevideo, a city called Bella Italia. Beautiful Italy. I really wasn't expecting that. We had such a good six weeks here with elder Williams I thought for sure I would stay until he ¨dies¨ and then I thought I would stay for even a few months more. But nope. I guess Im needed in montevideo again. Ill be going in as District Leader with a companion who is being transferred from a different mission. don't know why and I don't know his name. All I know is that he is from Nicaragua. I really loved Minas and my companion Elder Williams, so I have to pack tonight and say goodbye to the members and investigators here. Give my last exhorts like Moroni before I leave.

Anyways, I dont need any stamps now, Im pretty set, I have a few strips of stamps that should last for a while. 

I dont really think I NEED anything more for now. Well thats about it for this week. Thanks!

Elder Webber

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