Monday, August 18, 2014

The Empty House and Cheap Pastries...

Well anyways, this week was fast, crazy fast. One of the first days of the week we were walking around doing the normal deal when a white unmarked car pulled up and two big guys got out with guns strapped to their chests with bullet proof vests and told us to stop and open our bags. Super sketchy. But they were just under cover cops looking for some guys that were dressed up like us and were pretending to sell things to get into houses and steal stuff. 
I think that same day we went to a new investigators house to see if she had read her pamphlet and to invite her to come to church. We went by and she said she had but ¨didn´t remember anything¨ thats the number one excuse we get from people who didn´t read what we gave them. So we asked what was her favorite part, just to catch them and tell them to actually read it this time. After we asked she went off on the story of Jose Smith and how he prayed and saw Jesus. So we were wrong there, but then we asked her if she had prayed to know if it was true, and she said yes, that she had and she felt ¨strange¨ like she´s never felt before. Drop that Galatians scripture. The fruits of the spirit... We went back to her house the other day and every sign of life was gone. Her whole house was empty, including the front door. Really weird, we haven´t seen her since, which is sad because she had really recieved her answer. 
As we were thinking where she might be, looking for clues or something in this empty house, another woman came up to us and really strangly gave us this address of another woman to visit and left. So we went and when an old lady opened the door she said she couldn´t talk because she was busy, so we threw out our usually, ¨oh well do you need help¨ then she started crying and said yes, spiritual help. Just a weird chain of events but hey, it all works out. Something that the mission has been wanting to change is the retention of converts and re-activation of less active members. So one night we were in the casa of some less active members, turns out the husband had a stroke a few years back and was learning to speak again, although he could write, he lost the use of his right arm and leg. He gave his notebook where he practices making sentances and phrases and while were flipping through we came across his testimony and how he understood that this is what God had in plan for him and that he could find hope and strength in Christ. Then at the end there was a prepared question for us, the missionaries. If he couldn´t use his right arm, how could he sustain his priesthood leaders? Sniff. What a guy. We just said use your other arm or lift up your right arm with your left arm. God understands. 
Well anyways, this week was good, we found a bakery that sells their old pasteries from the day before in the next morning for half price. We can buy a Kilo of pastries for around two dolla fiddy. What a steal. 

Elder Webber

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