Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Finding New People... And BIG goals

Just another week in the mission. During the week I usually write down note worthy things in my notebook to write home but this week just went by alittle too fast and I didn´t get much written down. We´re still working the white wash situation and we have a few really good investigators with family but only one came to church. Sometimes the uruguayos make me angry. Really this week was just focused on bringing people to church. We made sooooooo many commitments with investigators we were waiting on a solid 5 or 6 who gave a deffinite yes. The only one that came was a man from the campo, like a cowboy, who doesn´t know how to read, he´s really a nice guy and wants to follow Jesus and be baptized but hes always out in the country so it´ll be hard to teach. We had another intercambio this week, and this time I went with Elder Peterson, who now has about 3 weeks in the field. A young buck. He´s really struggling with his spanish so the whole day just consisted basically of me doing street contacts solo and he gives a brief testimony afterwards. It was hard. Our house is an english house. So all the elders in the house speak english, including elder Saavedra. So elder Peterson is not forced to speak spanish like I was. He´ll learn. While I was out with him we actually had a decent amount of sucess. Put a date or two to be baptized. We had an awkward moment in zone conference as well. We were called the night before to think of a monthly goal for august, so we talked about who we had and we prayed and decided on 4 for august. When we got to the zone conference, the zone leaders asked us to present our goals. Everybody else went first with goals like, 2....1.....2.....3...2..... and then we dropped our bomb with 4. We reckon we can do it. It´ll be hard but we will work with the members and get them baptized. We didn´t have any lunches this week so I got an opportunity to practice my culinary skills. Made some pastas with white sauces and some au gratin potatoes and onions. It was good, but I´´m getting better. Today in the morning we traveled over to Pan de Azucar. Which is interpreted to say, Bread of the Sugar, and we had a zone activity where we just played the game called Mafia and threw the football around while we ate food. It was fun. Thats about it for this week, doing good. 

I have the talks,
Profile of a prophet
The currant bush one
The one you sent me last week don´t know but its about the spirit.

I dont know just send me some good ones. pshhh 

Elder Webber

P.S. Pics of our P-day activity and cake I made...

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