Monday, July 28, 2014

Enjoying His new Area.

 This week we went out to a little farming city called Solis. Its about a 40 minute bus ride out there, its a little group of people and there are 3 active members. When we were there we walked and walked and walked out into the feilds until we finally came upon alittle house. Clapped it and he didnt want much. 
Solis is good, not very much people but the people are genuine and open. We found some new investigators and we will have to travel out there maybe twice a week from now on. We are still working it pretty hard because we were given nothing when we came in to re open this area. We still dont have a cell phone, which doesnt help but we have a few investigators with fechas to be baptized. One is called Arturo, he has a few problems with word of wisdom, but just about everyone and their dog has a problem with that down here, we are working with him and his son in law who is a member. 
The branch president is a straight boss, the branch is organizing a trip to the temple this next week and in sacrament meeting he expressed his gratitude for those who were planning on going and called the others to repentance big time. It was really straight forward, like, those of you not planning to go and can go need to repent of your sins and change so that you will go. We had about 35 members this sunday, little branch, but I like it because theres more reverance than the big wards with the Uruguayo babies running around. In one of the talks though, a member summoned the congregation to sing with him, it was weird but I guess it works. 
We had an intercambio this week and I went with Elder Saavedra, learned alot and he asked me how I think we can improve the branch and the mission work here. Hes been here for a while and I think they might have hit a slow patch. Its been a good week, we spend alot of time in the streets still, which is not ideal but it gets the new investigators which is what we need, really cold this week, there was even frost in the mornings. But they say it should be warming up pretty soon and we will be coming into spring time. 
Thats about it, Elder Peterson still wont eat meat, so hes had a few uncomfortable moments with members at lunch. yesh yesh, and I got your letters, with the talk. I like getting talks, if you want to keep sending a talk in the mail every month or so that would be nice. or some philsophosies or Ron Swanson quotes. 

Watch a sunset at least once a day- Philsophosies.

Elder Webber

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