Monday, July 21, 2014

A New Area

Yes the mission is pretty awesome, no doubt bout it. Yes so Indeed I did get changed to a new area. But first, I spent 12 weeks in carrasco walking the same streets and little did I know that just right outside of my area was the rugby field where I played down here two years ago. I didnt even know until the second to last day when we took a bus that we dont usually take and it drove right by it. Brings back thems rugby memories with Calvin down here. 
But yes, we got changes a day early, so sunday, because we lived with the assistants and so we went by to say goodbye to all the investigators and members. I do not like leaving very much. We said goodbye to a family we were teaching and Elias, one of sons cried and said que lastima, which is like, thats too bad. We went to changes and got on a bus that took us almost two hours outside of montevideo city to Minas! which is interpreted to say mines. Its where all the famous alfahores are made and dulce de leche. Its a little branch out here in the hills of the country. Really pretty, the country people are alittle nicer than the city folk. I love it here so far. 
Im here with Elder Williams from Colorado, hes a great guy and were are both in here as a white wash, actually we are re-opening an area that has been closed for a transfer or two. Soooooooooo that basically means its dead. We spent many a hour in the street finding new people to talk to. We looked in the area book, which is where all the investigators are supposed to be recorded with phone number and address but the book was awful with just a handful of names without information. It was hard, still is hard, but we think we will baptize. 
Elder Williams is an old chap, only has these last 2 transfers and then A LA CHUCHA, which means, to the dog house. Hes a great missionary, lots of experience and knows how it is, we live in an ok house with two other elders, Elder Saavedra and Elder Peterson. Elder Saavedra is our district leader and Elder Peterson is brand new in the mission. Just finished his first week. Doesnt eat meat, which will be really hard for him because we have pasta and meat almost every day with the members and doesn{t like fruit either. Good luck. 
Minas has been really good so far, the branch has about 40 or 50 members and we had a branch activity which was just tomando la leche. Which means drinking the milk, we just ate cake and pizza and hot chocolate and watched the primary, which are three kids, do an act or play thing. It was good to get to know the members and have them tell us where all their friends live so we can baptize them. We have two ward missionaries, which is a first, I havent had ward missionaries my whole mission and they are 16 and 17 years old. At first I was hesitant, but they are really really good. They work with us in the street and are a great help, we just have to wait until after highschool gets out to work with them.  
We say tomando la leche to describe elders who sit in the houses of members and waste time. Aint nobody got time for that. Alot has happened this last week, will I miss carrasco? oh yeah, carrasco was great, but minas is a whole nutha level. 
Really looking forward to this changes

Heres a couple fotos of my new house and me and elder Rodrigues and Elias. 

Elder Webber

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