Monday, July 7, 2014

Eating "Left-Out" food :-(

This week went by way too fast. I´ve been alittle bit sick this whole week but it wasn´t bad enough to really effect the work, just a stuffy nose and flem. Ate lots of oranges and I´m feeling better.  I feel like we don´t even have time to teach all that we want to. This week we got gifted alot of stuff from some of our investigators including ties and shirts, and I don´t know if I already told you but we were given a full suit that was too small for me and too big for my companion so we gave it to a recent convert. Yesterday Julio Cesar gave us a bottle of cologne, which was nice, but also really creepy. 

Anyways. Thursday night we were walking home at about 845 and contacting in the street as usual. We didn´t have lunch with a member that day so we made alittle rice and tuco. We were pretty hungry, and what the people do here is when they have food that is still good to eat, but they don´t want it, they put it outside on top of mailboxes, fenceposts, or garbage bins, well we walked by and saw a perfect slice of a triple-layered dulce de leche cake with sittin pretty right there. We inspected it and concluded it was good to eat. My companion got pretty sick that night but I felt fantastic really. 

This change went by really fast, and now we have all of our eggs in one basket, all of our fechas for baptism are the 15 of July, which is the day before changes. Almost all of our investigators need a perfect record these next two weeks then, which means coming to church both sundays and completing will all of their commitments. It´ll be hard, but if we can pull it off it´ll be quite the night. It´s been pretty good here with elder Rodriguez 

This week I´ll hit 8 months out. Pretty crazy, I wasnt thinking too much about it until I talked with Elder Taylor, who is financer, and he knows all the information and stuff like that about everybody. We try not to think too much about time. 

Mission president came out with a few announcements, which we knew before he announced them because we live with the assistants and they tell us almost everything. But he changed the music standards so that we can only listen to Mo Tab and the songs that are made by the church every year for the EFY program. Its alright, those songs are pretty good. He also changed the rule so that we can´t play ANY card game at any moment. So that means we cant play UNO during family home evenings, which I´m kinda bummed about, because the members here love to play UNO and it gets really intense sometimes. But rules are rules so I guess we´ll find some other activity to do. 

I´m down to my last little storage of cliff bars and Nature valley bars. My companion always asks me for some and I always say no. There are some things just not for sharing. I´ll share my cheesecakes when I make them, I already made one, and my brownies too, I also made one of those, but my cliff bars and pop tarts are mine. 

Elder Webber

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