Monday, July 7, 2014

Knock, Knock Jokes...

Yesh yesh, sounds all good at home. Pool sounds good, not right now because its pretty cold, waking up and you can see your own breath kinda cold. But yesss very good. I got your letter with the talk in it and some of the quotes, I got it on monday and couldn´t read it until today because theres the rule that says you can only read and write letters on p-days. But thanks a bunch for that.  
And yeah mapeline. I don´t need it urgently but just whenever you send another package or something, some kind of maple extract or something like that. I dont mean like bottles of maple syrup just the extract that you put in water and sugar or something like that. 
This week was a pretty productive week I feel. We had two intercambio things, one with Elder Pointer from California and another with Elder Caracola from Bolivia. Elder Caracola has about a week left on his mission, so he was pretty trunky and I just made jokes about it the whole day. 
When we saw a plane: 
Me-¨Hey elder, How far do you think that plane is?¨
Him - Oh I dont know, maybe a mile or two
Me- hmmmmmm nooo maybe like 2 weeks. hahaha

Its good fun. And Yes, Uruguay won their game which means that they´re passing into the next round in the world cup. It was deadly quiet during the game and after the game the whole country exploded. It was almost dangerous, we got a call from the Zone Leaders saying that if we didn´t have anything fijo, planned, that we should go home and do our weekly planning. We had plans. So we went out. Everybody dancing and yelling and honking horns. Locura. My pants ripped this week, so I sewed em up real good like, and my comp just asked why I didn´t just staple them together. What? elder.... I dont think..... I don´t think it works like that. Lo and behold his pants rip the next day and he staples them. They lasted maybe a good 4 hours. Hes a pichi. Which means hobo. I´m not sure he understands knock knock jokes either, heres his latest. 
him-knock knock,
me- who´s there
him- Julio
Me - Julio who
Him- Julio Cesar

Julio Cesar is an investigator that we have. 
Its been really foggy the last couple of days, which makes us feel like creepers. But we work, we should have some baptism dates coming up. Anyways I think that´s about it. But anyways, Thanks for everything. 


Elder Webber

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