Monday, May 26, 2014

He Got the Package.....

yesh yesh I finally got the package! thank you so much for that, I was not expecting stuff that nice, and thank you mom for the recipe, we made snickerdoodles this week, me and elder England, and we gave one to lucas, who is a recent convert and he said ¨waaaa que es eso?! es muy rico!¨ so they turned out good.  

So this is what happened with the package, I asked the secrataries how to get it, and they´re my  homies so they hooked me up with the inside scoop and gave me permission to change our p-day from saturday to monday for that one week, now we are back on saturdays. But they gave me my passport because I needed it and I emailed you guys for the receipt because I would need it. Thank you by the way for sending that so fast. So we got to ride with the assistants to what is called, ciudad vieja, or the old city. We found the place and went inside and the assistants told me that it would cost 60 dollars plus 60 percent of the total value of the box. So I brought all my money, but we got there, they asked to see my passport and my receipt brought me my box and told me to go. For freeeeeee. sounds good to meeeeee. But they did tell me to tell you that I am not alowed to receive any shampoos or deoderants or any hygiene kind of gell or liquid. So that made me really happy. Then we had lunch with the assistant in tres cruzes. Which is a huge mall here. Its in the other mission but we were with the assistants so we were ok. So anyways, thank you very much for the package, and thank you aaron for putting the songs on, and yes I can tell it was aaron who put them on from the songs that are on there. haha Yes yes, I am loved. 

but this week we got sooo much done, we have some really good investigators. Paula and raul, sandra, diego, and sergio. Paula and Raul are a pair that are living together and paula wants to get baptized sooooo bad, everytime we visit she tells us she is ready to be baptized, and raul isn´t so much excited but still wants to, but they´re not married..... yesh sooooo we had a long lession with them about this. Paula wants to get married but raul, doesn´t, so we told them to talk about it and to pray and we will visit them later this afternoon to see how it went. We are praying that they came to the decision to be married. 

Then we have Sandra, who has Parkingsons and Diebetes. So she is suffering alot. She has a date to be baptized a week from today and she has had all of the lessions. Totally ready, but two days ago we had taught all the lessions except for one, tithing. She is very poor and we had made plans to visit her and teach her the law of the tithe, but the morning of the lession she texted us and said that because she cant work, because of the sicknesses, she doesn´t have money to support her family, she cant buy food, they´re living off of donated food from neighbors and her kids dont have clothes to wear to school. This worried us alot, but we felt like somehow we still had to teach her that paying her tithing was vitally important. We went and taught the lession and everything turned out great, turned out she had a bad idea about tithing because she was assisting another church, The Universal Church, (sooo currupt) that asks for a minimum tithe on certain days that needs to be paid or basically her salvation is on the line. But all went good and now she is ready for baptism, and we visit her this afternoon as well. 

We are still working on opertation: Clean up Sergio. He told us yesterday that he promised he would pray and try to stop drinking and smoking. We prayed with him for help, and he said he would only drink one fourth of a liter and smoke only two cigarretes before sunday. Its progress. When we found him he was a drunken bum, or as they say here, a pichi. Diego is a kid, he knows its all true but hes just nervous and he isn´t sure he is ready for baptism, he has a date to be baptized this next week as well, but its very tentative. We are preparing to do an open-house at the church in the up coming weeks, and to invite people we are getting the whole ward on board. As well as visiting the local ferias, which are the open air markets that sell fruits, veggies and fish, and we are handing out invites like crazy. Thats our backup plan when people reject us in the streets, we just have an invite in hand and basically throw these little bad boys at them before they get away. Its gunna be great. We are really excited for this coming week. 

Elder England and the assistants are awesome. We never really have any problems and the time is just flying down here. The members are really helpful too, with the open house coming up and with the lunches, like yesteday we had this really good pizza from a members pizza shop, ooooo yesh, because there is huge italian influence here we get lots of pastas and pizzas. I´m not complaining. Carrasco is the place to be right now. But its good here, and changes are coming up, I hope I dont go. 

Thank you very much for the package and everything and thank you mariah for your letter and the stamps! I will probably be writing home this p-day if I have time. 

Elder Webber

P.S.  My haircut and the "Left-overs" :-)

It Rains a lot in Uruguay!

Yesh, so this week was rough, we worked it hard and the weather is slowly changing to colder and colder everyday.  We have a few really good investigators who are sooooo intune with the spirit. Sandra, who lives in acosta y lara, the poor area, who we put a date to baptized on mothers day for the 31st. and has parkingsons and diebetes. She told us she wanted to get baptized as soon as possible, but we kinda need to postpone her baptism a few week so she can clear up some stuff in her life and is really ready. Then we have Sergio, a man with alot of question number 4 problems. 
For those of you who know the question number 4 Aaron and pops and josh. So we will spend a good couple weeks doing what we call, operation clean up Sergio. He told us he woke up on sunday and , ¨something told me to go to church¨ hes really cool, but hard to find time to talk because he has to work all day everyday, almost exactly our hours of proseliting. Then we have Paula and Raul, who need to get married, but they are ready for baptism and told us that ¨we dont open our doors to strangers, but when you talked to us in the street we just felt like we should. We challenged them to be baptized and they accepted. We will get them married in a month or two. It was a hard week. We worked worked worked, and alot of the investigators didnt come to church. Which is frustrating. 
We went to the feria the other day. its like an open market, bought some fruits for really cheap and handed out cards. We are making alot of baked goods, like brownies and cookies and stuff, so this week we spent alot of money on that. Its all good here though. I got mariahs letter and I will be writing some home this week or the next week. Pretty crazy with graduation coming up, ben will be a senior and mariah will be going to timpanogos, timpanogos rise above them all, on the move and bound for glory always proud and tall, timpanogos timpanogos on to victory, go, green blue and white, we´ll fight and win with might, its timpanogos timberwolves. bum bum che bum bum che T H S the best.Good times, 
I could use a snickerdoodle recipe. Thank you for the receipt I will go get that today. 

Elder Webber

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day "Chat"

Was great to see him--he looks so happy...  Here's some pics and his quick notes prior to:

Working hard and not too much happened this week but I suppose that I can explain it all tomorrow. But If you could email me a few things like, a recipe for snickerdoodles, and my priesthood line of authority. Yesh, I know pops gave me a paper but that is one of the things that I forgot to pack. Anyways, I will see you guys tomorrow. Heres a few photos of the "rich part" of the area.

and us folding an american flag and whistling the national anthem in the house of a convert

Monday, May 5, 2014

New Area's Going Well...

And no mom, I cannot give the ladies a ¨huge hug¨ for you. thats kinda against the rules, but I will tell them thank you. This week was good, I dont know if I already told you, but everybody looks to this area as one of the difficult areas in the mission. Even my old ward mission leader from the last area told me ¨well that sucks¨ he was kinda a jerk, didnt work well with us and he was a canadian, so that explains it all. 
But we got here, found a bunch of people put 3 baptismal dates this week and we are progressing like crazy. The members here work really hard with us, and the mission leader is always coming to charlas with us. Im seeing more success here than I was in Autodromo, my last area. Also, we have the Mission president and his family in our ward, its just awesome, perfect circumstances to really just hit it hard. We also have the other mission´s president in our ward, Double mission president. It helps alot. My companion is awesome, works super hard. We´re really focused and determined to baptize alot this month. 
Yesterday we had intercambios, I went with Elder Tucker, from bountiful, chubby short elder. Hes really funny and used to play rugby, his area is more or less dead, so we just spent the day street contacting, and knocking doors, which is the last resort, it was long, but still fun because we got along really good. 
Other than that, not a whole lot happened this week. Our house is really clean, it actually has three stories, but nobody goes in the basement, its super creepy and I havent gone in yet, its really dirty, like dirt dirty, just filled with junk and spiders. 
We work out really hard in the mornings and p days we work out hard too. So I feel really healthy, I guess you guys will see in about a week. seems like just last month it was christmas time and we were skyping. 

Elder Webber