Monday, May 26, 2014

It Rains a lot in Uruguay!

Yesh, so this week was rough, we worked it hard and the weather is slowly changing to colder and colder everyday.  We have a few really good investigators who are sooooo intune with the spirit. Sandra, who lives in acosta y lara, the poor area, who we put a date to baptized on mothers day for the 31st. and has parkingsons and diebetes. She told us she wanted to get baptized as soon as possible, but we kinda need to postpone her baptism a few week so she can clear up some stuff in her life and is really ready. Then we have Sergio, a man with alot of question number 4 problems. 
For those of you who know the question number 4 Aaron and pops and josh. So we will spend a good couple weeks doing what we call, operation clean up Sergio. He told us he woke up on sunday and , ¨something told me to go to church¨ hes really cool, but hard to find time to talk because he has to work all day everyday, almost exactly our hours of proseliting. Then we have Paula and Raul, who need to get married, but they are ready for baptism and told us that ¨we dont open our doors to strangers, but when you talked to us in the street we just felt like we should. We challenged them to be baptized and they accepted. We will get them married in a month or two. It was a hard week. We worked worked worked, and alot of the investigators didnt come to church. Which is frustrating. 
We went to the feria the other day. its like an open market, bought some fruits for really cheap and handed out cards. We are making alot of baked goods, like brownies and cookies and stuff, so this week we spent alot of money on that. Its all good here though. I got mariahs letter and I will be writing some home this week or the next week. Pretty crazy with graduation coming up, ben will be a senior and mariah will be going to timpanogos, timpanogos rise above them all, on the move and bound for glory always proud and tall, timpanogos timpanogos on to victory, go, green blue and white, we´ll fight and win with might, its timpanogos timberwolves. bum bum che bum bum che T H S the best.Good times, 
I could use a snickerdoodle recipe. Thank you for the receipt I will go get that today. 

Elder Webber

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