Monday, May 5, 2014

New Area's Going Well...

And no mom, I cannot give the ladies a ¨huge hug¨ for you. thats kinda against the rules, but I will tell them thank you. This week was good, I dont know if I already told you, but everybody looks to this area as one of the difficult areas in the mission. Even my old ward mission leader from the last area told me ¨well that sucks¨ he was kinda a jerk, didnt work well with us and he was a canadian, so that explains it all. 
But we got here, found a bunch of people put 3 baptismal dates this week and we are progressing like crazy. The members here work really hard with us, and the mission leader is always coming to charlas with us. Im seeing more success here than I was in Autodromo, my last area. Also, we have the Mission president and his family in our ward, its just awesome, perfect circumstances to really just hit it hard. We also have the other mission´s president in our ward, Double mission president. It helps alot. My companion is awesome, works super hard. We´re really focused and determined to baptize alot this month. 
Yesterday we had intercambios, I went with Elder Tucker, from bountiful, chubby short elder. Hes really funny and used to play rugby, his area is more or less dead, so we just spent the day street contacting, and knocking doors, which is the last resort, it was long, but still fun because we got along really good. 
Other than that, not a whole lot happened this week. Our house is really clean, it actually has three stories, but nobody goes in the basement, its super creepy and I havent gone in yet, its really dirty, like dirt dirty, just filled with junk and spiders. 
We work out really hard in the mornings and p days we work out hard too. So I feel really healthy, I guess you guys will see in about a week. seems like just last month it was christmas time and we were skyping. 

Elder Webber

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