Saturday, April 26, 2014

Our new House "has a wooden floor and everything!"

P day on saturday now! So bunches happened the last 4 days. I packed up all my stuff and we went to changes. All four of us from our house got on the ¨change bus¨ and came to the offices for changes. Normal changes, a big meeting with the assistants and president and what not, find our new companion in all the busy hustle and bustle. Got to see my trainer again, he said my spanish had gotten better. Got to see all my buddies from the CCM, MTC. It was cool. Anyways, found my companion, Elder England, hes from sandy utah, blonde hair, blue eyed, hitlers dream. Looks like a nazi and we give him trouble for that. So we met, helped the assistants to the president clean up and do some office work, getting all the stuff ready for those who are going home. It was interesting, all the office missionaries sit in this little room, which Im in now because its free and close enough to the house. After we helped them, the assistants took us to our house, because we live with them right, they call it ¨the enchanted beach house¨ its what I have been praying for. It is sooooo nice, in comparison to my last house, and I guess to all the other houses in the mission, because its the most expensive one. Its got two stories and hot water, wood floors so it doesnt get cold when we wake up. A big fridge and best of all.... a Couch! yes a couch. My room mates are super clean which makes me so happy. The spirit can deffinitly dwell in this abode. It is just great all around. We play a good 10 minutes of Uno at the end of everyday with the assistants and its just great. Our area, yes yes, the area of Carrasco C. 
We live right in front of the beach and we are surrounded by millionaires. With big metal gates and people who work in the different embassies that are also in our area. Its hard, the people are hard, but we went out to work and found some really great people. The ward is cool, from what I can tell, there are bunches of american families, that work in the embassy that are in our ward. Like the family china. We went to their house yesterday for dinner, oh to have american food. Of course they had a big metal gate and electric fences but once you got inside it was like stepping back into the states. honda odessey, a mud-room, a living room, with couches, and cool-ranch doritos, pizza, and jello for dinner. All their Kids dont speak spanish it was so weird, to speak in english to a family again. I almost didnt know how to say stuff. This week was really weird, in terms of p day and stuff, because yesterday the assistants had p day, and because we had a zone conference during p day yesterday we are writing today during lunch, but usually its saturday. Yes yes, we have presidents permission for all of this and stuff, the assistants have a crazy schedule and we just have p day with them because we live with them in the same house. 
But yesterday, we had our preparation, we bought groceries, from the super market, with trolleys and everything, and we went in the CAR to the other side of the city of Montevideo, we drove along the Rambla, which is the street that runs along the beach, and drove right past the hotel that the High school americans stayed in when we were down here, we saw the beach we ran on and everything. Super weird. But we went to this market thing, really really nice market place, and we were all broke missionaries so we didnt buy much, except lunch, which was churipan, which is a sausage on a bread bun. Like sausage sizzle almost, with the poppy kinda sausage that cracks when you bite it. It was really expensive, that and water and ¨grilled cheese¨ which is just that, just a big block of grilled mozerella cheese with garlic in it. Sounds gross, but it was really really good. Then we drove by the cathedral that we visited last year with the HSAA, calvin can probably remember. But yes yes, When I got to the area, I was kinda upset at my companion and the assistants, because of the state of their area, we share the area with the assistants, because they never work, lazy bums. They didnt have their white board filled in with all the members less active and investigators, and didnt have the list of the actions of the bishopric. Which is essential, because it has all the people from ages 9 to 18 who are in member families who were never baptized. Its a gold mine. So I talked to the ward mission leader and he said that he was working on it. 
And this sunday, which is fast sunday, I will get to participate in something called ¨break the fast¨ Ive never heard of something like this before. All the temple missionaries and temple workers, like 1 hour after church bring a bunch of food and dessserts to share, and the missionaries are always invited, only if we get investigators to come. Its good, becuase usually we just eat lunch at the house of a member, but this way we can talk missionary work with all the members, and get people in the church with members. It will be hard this change, but having a good companion like elder England and a clean, organized, spiritual house like the one we have now will help a bunch. 

Long email but it was a good week. And I weighed myself, still a solid 183 lbs. 

Elder Webber

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