Sunday, April 20, 2014

Doing Well and Moving house

I got your package today. That was awesome, especially all the cliff bars and food. We (the four elders in our house) spent a good 30 minutes going through all the fotos and trunking in general. Gooooood stuff. Entonces muchos gracias. and thanks aaron for the music and pictures and stuff. We talked with a member who thinks he knows all the geography of the book of mormon, he said that the natives who were here when the first explorers came over, lived in a place called teancum, which is in the book of mormon, one of the only cities with walls that was built along the sea shore, pronounced, tancoom here. Which sounds similar and he says that they confused what the natives were saying and understood ¨cancun¨ hes cool, and he has some interesting ideas. I was just reminded about that when you guys were talking about your cruise. We work alot with our bishop, hes really on board with the obra misional. We had more intercambios this week, and I went with Elder Arnet, we visited a familia whose puppy died so we helped them dig a hole and bury it. It was sad. There is a general authority named Cornish? who looks crazy similar to Mr. Cornish who was the computer teacher in elementary school. Relative? Our baptism fell through, again, for the third week. Its frustrating and we want to baptize him before changes which are this next week. We also have a familia sosa who have 3 daughters who are teenagers and we are praying and fasting that they get baptized this week as well. They all have sufficient knowledge and assistance in the church. I sent a bunch of letters home a few weeks ago, let me know if you guys get them. I could use a cheesecake recipe, maybe and carmel corn recipe, maybe socks if you´re going to send a package in the coming year. We had some ¨house rings¨made they are pretty cool. Just a plain metal ring with the baptism symbol engraved in it. You´ll have to ask aaron and josh how that is. I´m not sure if you (pops) used the same symbol back in your day. Anyways, we have interviews with president this week, and we are finally moving houses! So we spent a few hours today packing everything, which wasn´t much, and cleaning the house. We´re pretty excited. Our house is really good, really obedient and we wake up at 615 to run over to the church and do excersises together. But anyways, that´s about it. Thanks bunches.

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