Monday, April 7, 2014


But yes conference was legit. We traveled by bus about 25 minutes to a different chapel and we had a seperate room for those elders so we could watch it in english. Just put a bunch of desks in a semi circle around the tv in the kitchen so we could all hear and take notes. Really cool. But this week we saw more fireflies when we were visiting my first baptisms house, mirta, where we also got eaten alive by the mosquitos, they can bite you through your clothes so theres no avoiding it. But yes, we saw some more, and I told my companion that I was going to catch one, he said its impossible because they´re too fast and its night, but I caught one, two and three. Then we released them in our house so during the night we had some little green bugs flying around. It was cool, all four of us turned off the lights ten minutes early and watched them until 1030 which is when we have to sleep. We´ve been teaching more ingles classes and its been really fun, but its hard to teach. Uruguayos are weird, they just believe anything they find on the internet, a couple weeks ago we went through this mermaid thing, where everybody was telling us about mermaids, and some how used that to fight with us about the existence of an eternal Heavenly Father. And this week was a rumor about a mars colony? I guess they said that they´re making preperations for the year 2019 or something to go to mars and they´re never coming back. Yeah weird, when we were walking to the bus stop saturday for conference, we were stopped by a two men on the side of the road and asked us straight up how they could stop doing drugs and drinking. Then they accused us of being spies, drank some more alcohol and the police pulled up and told them to leave us alone. Just a weird week in general. Didn´t see a whole lot of success, mostly because of conference and zone conference. Its hard to get investigators to come to church when we dont even know where the chapel is. We spent a good 30 minutes searching for the church. Anyways, I think thats about it,  I had some icecream the other day, flan and dulce de leche flavor, that tasted just like hokey pokey without the chunks. woooohoooo. That was good. Have fun on your vacation and luck to josh and ben and mariah and joseph. 

Elder Webber

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