Monday, March 31, 2014

Getting Cold....

This week was good. My companion works different than my trainer. Which is good, I like how he works, its more effective and straight to the point. This last week started to get cold. Really really cold. When we wake up in the morning to take a shower we can see our breath in the bathroom. And I have no winter time clothes, then I remembered that we just said I would buy some down here. So I did this morning down at shopping. It was like 100 dollars worth of winter time clothes. All the stuff is pretty expensive, the uruguayos are always complaining about how expensive all the stuff is here. But I really like my new clothes. Speaking about bathroom, our septic tank has been filling up really fast and its gotten to the point where we can see the poo through the grate in the bathroom floor. We need to get it pumped this week. Still havent moved houses but we are planning soon. the locals are always burning their trash, big fires in the streets, because its more effective than the people who pick it up, but its gross and smells like buring diapers and we have to walk through the smoke.

We started to teach english classes this week, to help gain the trust of members, investigators and to find new people to teach. Its fun, but really hard, english is a hard language to learn and to teach. But we got a few referals from this and we visited one and it was like a step into some weird dimension. We clapped the door and this old man came out with no teeth, he had at least 25 dogs and even more cats running around in his house and out his front door. He didn´t say anything to us but opened the door and yelled to his mom, who is a grandman that the people from the church were here to teach her. He then took us inside and when this lady saw us she said, these aren´t the Jehovas witnesses. So we explained that we were mormon missionaries and she told us that she had started taking the lessons from the JWs. She showed us her pamphlet and everything. So when she turned her back my companion pointed at the pamphlet and I snatched it off the table and put in my bag and he replaced it with our pamphlet. We dont know where she went, she dissapeared and we had to find our way out of the house with all these dogs and everything. We tore up the pamphlet. 

This weekend was stake conference. Which was good, but at the same time bad. Because the investigators didn´t want to go. But we had 3 investigators and 2 will probably be baptized this week. Our mission president spoke at the conference. Hes really ¨cool¨. Bald and has the face of a rocky mountain. Imposing, that is. But cracks jokes and loves the missionaries. We talked to a less active family this week and during our lesson they were selling drugs. It was ridiculous. They´d grab their electric scale and a knife and go talk to random guys that came and knocked on their back window. ughhhhh Other than that all is pretty good here.  I have not gotten your package but it should come in the next couple weeks. And I hope before cambios. Gracias for everything.

Elder Webber

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