Monday, March 17, 2014

A New Companion

 This week was pretty tranquilo. It was cambios and my trainer, elder contreras left, to durazno, that is to say peach. And my new campion is elder rodriguez, and we´re still in this area, autodromo A, he´s from peru, speaks alittle bit better english than elder contreras. Hes a cool guy, doesn´t talk a whole lot, which is nice, but when we started talking he was telling me what he liked to do and its video games,  like age of empires, and world of warcraft. Haha yeah... hes pretty relaxed, but works hard and we have some big goals for this cambia.

 One of the assistants to the president had his parents come down to pick him up. But he extended his mission an extra 30 days and his parents didn´t change their plans, so they came down and he visited our area, which was his first area too, and they were super uncomfortable, because their son is still a missionary with his plaq and everything, and he still had to do work part of the day, and they were sitting in our neighbors ¨house¨ yup, welcome to uruguay, this is what we mean when we discribe this place. But yes. 

The church is really irreverent here. We tell our investigators that its a place where we can really feel the spirit and its a place sacred, and when they come and see that all the kids are running around, not just below but up on the stand, during somebody´s talk, and the parents are just chatting, not even trying to whisper, or to control their children. Ugh uruguayos. We had an investigator tell us that she was really uncomfortable in the church because of all the noise and distractions. Its hard. So I´m probably looking at another 6 weeks here in autodromo A. 

hmmm I do believe thats everything. And thus ends the third cambio in the reign of autrodromo A. Bien de Bien. Spanish is always getting better, well my castallan is getting better. Its not spanish here, if you say its spanish, the locals get mad. Its castallan.  Cast-ah-shawn.

Muchos loves. 
Elder Webber

P.S.   Whoa, that´s weird, after I write you guys, I have to write the president of the mission, and I totally forgot how to spell enemy. I tried, enamy, animy, anami, anemi, and just about every other one. I ended up having to ask another elder who is here how to spell it. wooo 

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