Monday, March 31, 2014

Doing Well...

 If you guys could send some attachments of some good prophet talks, in english. Like the ones that dad likes, and the josh and aaron. I think one is called profile of a prophet. And a recipe for carmel corn and maybe cheesecake. My mickey mouse watch finally broke. It was stopping and starting and being all weird for the last week and then the minute hand just died and went all floppy. We saw more fireflies this week. A bunch of them in a big field flying around all green and what not. 
We spent alot of time out in the wilder part of our area, in the campos, fields, and bosques. forests. We had our 2 baptisms, two kids, and we will work on baptizing their parents the coming weeks. Then the zone leaders told us that we needed to find a miracle baptism this week and so we fasted and prayed and sure enough we found him. Another kid about 14 years old, who had come to church once before and we talked to him about being baptized. He had desires so we called the zone leaders that day, saturday, and set up an interview for him 45 minutes later, we sped taught him all the lessions, which he already knew, we finished and prayed and just then the zone leaders walked in and interviewed him. He was prepared. Then sunday came and he didnt show up to church, which he needed for his second assistance, so we went out searching, in our suits because it was sunday. And it rained, it poured. We couldn´t find him so our baptism fell through. We were soaking wet and it got to the point where we didn´t even care anymore, just laughed and walked in the mud back to church and sat down soaking wet just after sacrement had finished. It was a rough day. But we did have our 2 baptisms which was good. 
We visited an area this week, out in the campos, the feilds. That´s called Barrio Humidad. Which means the humid Ward. The poorest area I´ve seen so far. they just live in little huts made of sticks and logs and whatever trash. Theres a little river that runs through the shanty town with this makeshift bridged over it. It was bad. We will go back some time. 
All is good, just alittle frustrated with my room mates. They´re so ridiculously dirty. And its not just disorganized like I am. Its dirty, they just leave their food and dirty plates everywhere. Never clean or organize anything. I will talk to them about it today. But this month we destroyed the mission record for baptisms that the mission just set in january. it was 156 I think, and we just finished 178 baptisms and think there are two more planned in the mission for tomorrow. The zone reached our goal too, it was 17 and we got 20 as a zone. Good stuff. Good ole jajiva y benji. Aaron getting all ready to marry himself. That´s kinda weird. good luck with mariahs situation.

Elder Webber

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