Monday, March 3, 2014


 But yes, we saw the rat again, and this time we destroyed our house looking for the rat that ran under the stuff in our kitchen, while our house was destroyed and we´re all yelling and screaming half dressed, the assistants to the president walk in our house, for a random check. It was bad, our house was a mess and they got pretty mad. We never found the rat. But we explained what happened and its soooo disorganized because we have 4 people and none of us have any room to put any of our stuff. 

One of our investigators has a pet sheep, which smells like new Zealand. and the familia Sosa, who are investigators visited the temple this week? which is a promising sign, we are hoping, they are awesome, always giving us food, like we had crepes with dulce de leche last night. Had a less active member tell me that of all the missionaries that she has talked with, I have the smallest american accent. wooohooo, so thats promising. 

We had a multi zone conference this week in montevideo, and the mission has a goal to double the babtisms this year. Which is huge but we can. There was a video of Elder holland that said that the mission isn´t easy, or converting someone isnt easy, because the atonement was not a cheap experience. pretty cool. 

Last night, we talked to our neighbors about our laundry machine, because its been broken and really stinky, so he took it apart and found that rat inside, that was dead and rotting. pretty gross. Took pictures and all but I dont have my camera right now. 

We had an emergency meeting with the assistants last night too, at like 10 until 11. Because the other elders in our house really arent getting along at all. but yesh, all good here. Our baptism, mirta told us again that we were like messanger angels sent to her for a reason. Shes awesome. Anyways, suerte con su cara Mariah, estoy orando por ustedes todos las dias. 

Elder Webber

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