Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Getting New Companion...

We had intercambios again and I went with zone leader, Elder Valenzuela, and everybody, everybody, in his area complimented me on my spanish. Which was a real confidence booster, one even said, so if I go to the states for 12 weeks I can speak perfect english?  
And Somebody somehow figured out that I was good at rugby so we took a picture with them on their couch. cool stuff. Last p. Day we went to parque de plata, which means park of money, or park of silver. its a really really nice beach area, and this cool bird statue I´ll send a photo, super gooney in the photo, its with elder arnet, and in the back is elder plauts and my companion. We found our new house and everything, the paperwork is being done now and we might move in this week. Its really nice, with fruit trees and grapes in the back patio and everything. 
I dont know if I wrote about the investigator who prayed that he would get a new motorbike before school, but we had an investigator ask that like 8 weeks ago, then we dropped him, because he wasn´t progressing, then we saw him the other day in front of his house, with a new motorbike. haha, he said that now he had to come to church with us. we will see if he actually does. 
Our sink is always clogged with food and stuff so I just use my finger to push it down the drain but one time there was a shard of a broken bowl that somebody broke and didn´t clean up because they´re pigs, but anyways, sliced my finger. Lots of blood all down my arm and everything. 
Changes are tomorrow, and my companion and the colombian are both getting moved, so we visited all our investigators and they all gave us food and we were taking pictures and what not. Lots of fun.

Elder Webber

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