Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Some Local "Plants" and Using Too Much Water

Anyways. This week was fast, even though we didnt have too much success. Had more intercambios but this time I was with elder ospina, who has about 3 weeks on the mish, we did really good. killed it. But during the intercambios we went to a members house and there was a huuuuuuuge marijuana plant on their front porch. It was taller than me. Because its legal here now.
So that was interesting and we have an investigator, we call her pichus mom. because she has a son called pichu and we dont know her real name, but she is a grandma and is 33 years old. Freaking uruguayos, you can just basically assume that when you have an investigator you´re going to have to talk about marriage, and the word of wisdom, palabra de sabiduria, because they all are fumando y bebiendo. 
We had the ward mission leader talk to us, about baptism dates, because aparently the six missionaries in this ward are using too much water, and we need to only have two baptism faunts full of water for the month, sooooo we need to plan and coordinate our baptisms together, its rough. 
We were at a less active members house, they´re awesome but they´re getting divorced which is dumb because they were super super strong in the church, one of those pillar families, and the winter olympic games were on.... temptations. Almuerzos, are difficult, because lunch is the biggest meal of the day here we have lunch with them, and yesterday we spent an hour and twenty minutes finding the house of the member who we had lunch with. ughhh it was hot. yup yup thats about it. doing pretty good. I think thats about everything. 

Elder Webber

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