Monday, February 10, 2014


We were at a members house and they had the winter olympics on their tele. oh temptations. This week was hard, just because it rained like it has never rained before. But we started february very good. We broke the mission record last month for baptisms, the mission had 155 baptisms in one month, mine and elder contreras's 3 helped, and our last 2 were some of the last ones to be submitted. 

We had more intercambios this week so I was with Elder Powell from washington, for a day and a night, and it rained and rained and rained. All the members houses flooded and most of the missionaries had to find new places to live. luckily we live on a kinda hill so we only flooded alittle. but we were walking around in shin deep water for a few days, and there are still people doing repairs from the storm last week. a bunch of streets just got washed away. lots of fun. 

We were talking with an investigator who spoke english, and half of the lesson was english and the other part spanish, and afterwards my companion said, tranky pitbull, tranky means like, easy there, and pitbull is a rapper, you'll have to ask josh or ben or aaron who it is. 

Yes so gracias por la comida y por mi packetes tambien, fue muy dificile esta semana porque la lluvia, y todo los miembros quando ellos ven la luvia, es como, ya, no iglesia hoy. Tal vezes, los uruguayos son porcadia. 

Elder Webber

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