Monday, February 3, 2014


Well well, seems pretty busy back home. Good to hear about everybody. Good ole, jajiva and aaron. Joseph and mariah just learning and stuff. sounds all good and tranky. like tranquil thats what they say all the time down here. 
Ah tucanos, that sounds really good, yeah with the new elders it is extremely squishy, Elder arnett from arizona, and Elder Ospina, from Columbia. They´re really cool, and its rained all this week so they sleep in our room on the floor because the kitchen has that metal roof and its too loud when it rains, the rain flooded alot of the streets and washed one clean away, just a big hole where there once was a street. We baptized, Jennifer de Oliviera medieda de Fellipe, I had to pronounce that name, and my comp baptized Nahuel. So it was a good week. Really fast. 
When we were out and about in the streets talking with people we were by the super market and this guy talked with us, but he was loco, and just repeated the same stuff over and over, then he took off his shirt and tried to buy some food, but had no money, then ran away. Really weird, then sunday we were sitting in sacremental and my comp is like, elder webber, look. And lo and behold, it was him, he started yelling, hallelujah and praise the lord, during the testimonies, and we had to escort him out but he ran into an empty room and pulled out his fake teeth and broke them on the floor, then one of the hermanos who is a cop, came in and ¨took care¨ of him. It was an interesting day. 
And we were talking with another guy who said he cant come to church because jesus was black? Thats the second guy to say that to us. Just a weird week. 
We have some cool parrots here, bright green that bathe in the puddles in the streets. And we had stroganof the other day at a members house. oooooooh yeah, thats home right there. Our house is a mess, because our roomies dont have any room to put their clothes or their food, or their beds, its pretty bad. 
Yeah other than that, not much, and thus begins the second cambio in the reign of the mission feild. I´ll have to make some dope forts with joseph when I get back then. Yeah elder Arnett is super tranky, and trunkie. Which means he talks alot about home, which means I have to as well, it doesn´t distract us because its at night and we´re both pretty good at switching from relaxed to business time. BUt yes alllllll good here. 

Elder Webber

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