Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Doing Well...

This week we saw soooo many JWs. We have one of their gathering salons in our area. soooo yeah, once again, they stay out of our way and we.... we do what we want to. 
We visited a members house and questioned where the bathroom was, they sent us through a whole in this wall about chest high and then through another one that was about knee high. When we got in to the bathroom it was just a toilet with no water and a bucket of water next to it. Yeah we were alittle confused. It all turned out good though. 
Feel bad for the sisters in our district, they work really hard but havent had any success at all this last month, then when they did have two progressing investigators, they were living together and couldnt be baptized, thats the biggest problem here, but anyways, they broke up and both moved into our area! One still wants to be baptized so we were working with her alllllll this week. Hopefully this friday. I was chatting with one of my buddies from the mtc and he said hes been robbed three times already, and I havent been robbed once yet. sooooooooo prepared for that. 
My comp ran out of money this week, haha because he eats cookies and milk everyday, cookies are really expensive. but yeah. We talked to this really ¨simple¨ man the other day, he runs a plant shop, thats the only way I can describe it, its just plants, in little plastic cups, that he sells. Some are really cool, like mint and oregano and such, he really liked us so he gave a few plants, and we planted them in our front yard. 
One of the customs here is to do that kiss thing on the cheek like the frenchman, because there is a huge italian influence here, we are supposed to avoid it, but once they get in close theres just no stopping the older sisters in the ward. We had service the other day, and we went into the forest with machetes and cut down some trees and collected pine cones, why we collected pinecones, I have no idea, but they really wanted those pinecones. Should have taken my camera but yes. 
Changes are this week and we got news that our area is being split, because it is huge. And so two more elders are going to be living in our house, that is already cozy with just me and my comp. It will be interesting. The card works, but I dont know how to get money from the Atm, like credit, debit, checking, savings? no idea, but it works at the store. Which is the same because either way I´m saving my monthly lot. 

I dont really think I need stuff. Hows ole jajiva doing, and benji and aaron, and mariah, and joe. tell me. 

Much loves, 
Elder Webber

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