Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mission President "Resigns...?"

Yes the baptism went well, she had back problems so she had to go forwards, but the water was way too low for that so she didnt make it all the way under the water, so I had to do it again but this time backwards, and it was difficult because of their names down here, they have like at least 4 names and they´re all impossible to pronounce, but yes it went well. 

We have 2 more planned for this week but they are sketchy because theyve made promises before that they didn´t keep. We will see. With faith! Saturday was the conference of Oros. Which are all the newbies, and I was so surprised with how rapidly my spanish has progressed in comparison to my old buddies from the CCM. Now I see ¨who is the gardener here´. Thats for papa, thats that talk he told me bout.

 This week was extremely hot, sweated right through my shirt and into my tie knot, it was gross. But its raining now so thats good. We also re-activated a non active member, she hadn´t been to church for 4 or something years, but we got her to. Woohoo. Then yesterday, president called a mission wide conference, so we had to go to montevideo again, and he announced his ´¨resignation¨? i guess thats whats its called, we were all pretty shocked because hes only been out six months. oh well, we got free lunch so that was good. 

Going pretty good, staying healthy with my 30 minutes of excersice everyday. Sounds good with aaron and thems. I was thinking about Lord of the Rings the other day because we have the sound track. 

Gracias for the packages. 

Elder Webber

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