Monday, January 13, 2014

Having fun...

Yesh yesh what a week. So Mirta committed to baptism but wasnt ready for this last sunday, so this friday! They announced it in sacrement and everything. So that will be fun, I have memorized the baptism in spanish so Im good to go with that. My comp had a tooth that was bothering him so we went to the dentist and it was a wisdom tooth, so he yanked it out right there and only cost him like 50 american dollars. what a deal then I got my teeth checked for free. So two weeks ago I thought I would be money smart and buy just rice and oatmeal. That was good for about the following 24 hours. You cant buy milk here because it goes bad way too fast, and rice and oatmeal stay good until you make it. So I have been surviving off plain white rice and soy sauce for the past two weeks. Then a few days ago I ran out of oatmeal and was like wowwwww just white rice. If only i had some milk i could make some pudding that is good for alllll the meals of the day. But the store didn´t have any powdered milk for sale. Sooo i went home pretty glum not wanting to eat rice for dinner again, and lo and behold, the neighbor shows up with some pizza, its not really pizza but its close enough, what a super blessing, and then the other neighbor comes with what? thats right, powdered milk. Rice pudding all the meals!

 I guess everyone here figures that because we´re missionaries we never get ice cream, but thing is, all the members think that, so we get sooooo much ice cream. Its ridiculous. My cool man satchel broke too, the straps just came right off, I sewed it back on but i´m not sure how long that will last, we will see.  

We had 6 investigators at church this week!! Which was awesome but at the same time very difficult because we had to guide them all around to the different meeting and answer their questions. Our investigators are so awesome, they get their best pair of jeans, which is their only pair of jeans, and their best pair of shoes, which is their only pair of shoes, and their best button up shirt, which is their favorite soccer teams polo and they come to church. Mirta is interesting, she has like 10 dogs no joke, and like 4 cats I think, and we were teaching her about the plan of salvation, and she asked what about her dogs, we kinda laughed and said we cant really baptize them but then we realized she was serious, and we just said you will be happy dont worry, and that seemed to satisfy her question. 

Thats about it, oh! We were walking to Mirtas house, which is about 30 minutes away and this special boy runs up to us, shakes our hands and grabs a pamphlet out of our bags and runs off. I was kinda in shock and my comp didn´t think anything of it, I managed to see where he ran off to, and we walked past this house like everyday, and I always felt like we should go and try to find this boy. So one day I told my companion we were going to find him, sure enough we find his family, who had read the pamphlet and they let us in and talked to us and we will talk to them again today!

Sounds good at home, Joseph is getting all grown up. We had lunch with a family from brazil and i said my brother served there and they gave me a cool head band with the brazil flag on it. 

We have guarana todas las dias. and coke. 

And to answer papas question, I would probably say to teach more from the preach my gospel. That book is golden. So many awesome quotes and scriptures in there. 

Much loves, Elder Webber

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