Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Moving to a Second Area

Muchos gracias for the package! the ties are cool and all the food is needed and appreciated.  I got a letter from the offices that said my other package was stuck in customs so I signed a paper and it should be coming any week now. And thanks mom for the recipes. So yes, we did indeed move houses, the new house is awesome, but its not really important because we got the changes yesterday and Im going tooooo...... Montevideo! Our old house was one of the worst in the mission and now I´m going to live with the assistants to the president in one of the nicest. Elder England will be my companion tomorrow. Last p day we went to this little shack to buy food and we bought bauru. Its a kind of brazilian hamburger thing. With the lot. All the vegies and eggs and what not. real good. We had our zone meeting with president and the interviews, which was fun. We had a few family home evenings, noche de hogars, this week. Played uno, which gets really intense down here. This week was kinda hard, mostly because it was ¨holy week¨and everybody was out on vacations or worshiping their saints. Which was hard to have patience, we just want to bajar la caña, drop the cane, on those catholics who don't know what they believe. Besides that not much is happening. good bye my first area, kinda happy to go, but I´ll miss some of the members here for sure, and some of my conversos.  I´ll include a photo of me and my companion, elder rodriguez with this sign we found, that translates into, ¨don't put trash here you dirty hobos¨ But sounds all good at home. Hows all the boys and mariah doing? Benji is preparing huh, yup yup, thats pretty crazy, and I sent a letter to Joseph and one to mariah, let me know if you get them. 

Elder Webber

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