Monday, June 30, 2014

Doing Well...

Yes yes a pretty normal week. We had our interviews with president this week, which is always good. He always has good insights to help with the work, we talk to him at least once a week because he´s in our ward but its still nice to get an interview. Its getting colder and starting to feel like christmas, but we have a good house and good clothes so we dont worry too much. We do have those green parrots that are eating all of the pine cones in the trees which is really cool. Just flocks of these green parrots that eat the nuts and then spit out the shells down on us as we walk under them. Yes, we have the world cup going on, you would think it would be crazy but its actually dead. Deeeeeaaath. muerte. There is nobody in the streets and nobody wants to talk to us during the games, even the members. That has made this week alittle harder than usual. But that´s ok, we just go to those that don´t like futball, who are few. When Uruguay won, they all went crazy and they were all pretty happy, so we got into alot of houses just by talking about futball. I really hate futball, with a deep passion, its all my companion talks about and all anybody wants to do or talk about. Its almost to the point where they´re breaking the commandment, you know, the one about thou shalt not worship any other thing before the Lord, on earth or in heaven. Its difficult. We even had an old lady call the police on us because we went by her house twice during the week and both were during the futball games. Just crazy people. We´re working hard, its good to hear all is good with the family and the pool. Joseph getting into rugby, atta boy. I don´t think I need anything, maybe some mapeline? but I don´t know about anything else. 

Love you guys,
Elder Webber

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