Monday, June 2, 2014

Baptisms Coming Up...

Yesh what a week no? So to start, we spent our entire p day last week in the mall, because the battery to the assistants car was flat because Elder Cutler forgot to turn off the lights. It was a long day, especialy because Uruguayo help takes forever. But we worked real hard this week and it paid off. We had President Gonzalez from the 70 come to talk to our mission this week too. We spent hours and hours with Diego, who is a guri as they call them here, a teenager. He´s got about 17 years and he is ready for baptism, we just had to make sure he was good to go, because he appeared alittle fem.... but hes good so no worries. The rest of the week was basically spent in the houses of Sandra, and Paula and Raul. Sandra and Diego had their interviews yesterday after we had lunch with the familia Giles, who are temple missionaries, the same ones who let us skype at thier house. Good ole american food, we almost threw up after because we had wayyyy too much pie. But anyways, they had their interviews yesterday and Sandra had a problem, and had to have an interview with president.... She didn´t tell us anything when we went over the questions with her the day before, so we called president and luckily he lives right next door to the chapel where the interviews were, he interviewed her and we finished the interview with diego. They both passed so thats good. 

Afterward, president took us in his car to Sandras house, during the drive I totally accidently insulted president on his driving. We were talking about I.D. and I asked if he had his Uruguay drivers license right after he took a crazy turn. Yeah it was bad. Then we had dinner that night with the assistants because Elder Cutler is going home next week, we had dinner at the familia Chinos house. Yes, another american family. We ate sooo much food again, it was so good. And we felt like we were going to throw up again, but we made it home and then I threw up. Just way too much. 

This week has been a cooking week, because we have established what we call the ¨carrasco cooking club¨ which just consists of us four elders in our house cooking boxes of cake mixes, then we ran out of cake mixes so we actually had to start making real food. We´ve gotten pretty good, snickerdoodles, amish oatmeal (super good), and loads of french toast. It was an expensive week, but it was the last week of the change so we just spent all the extra money for the week on ingredients. 

We have two baptisms tonight, at what we call a noche blanca, or a which night. Which is when the whole zone comes together and has all their baptisms for that week in one servicio. There will 7 baptisms in total tonight in Carrasco. We are really exited, really because the whole mission said that Carrasco would never baptize, even my old Ward Mission Leader said ¨well that sucks¨ when I said that I was going to Carrasco. We just work hard and we know the lord will do the rest, but only after we have done todo. 

But thank you very much, packages are awesome. and letters, which I need to write. 


Elder Webber

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