Monday, August 11, 2014

A Great P-Day...

I´m way out here in the country. My shoes are showing the first signs or weakness, she´s old, but she´ll hold. I bought a new watch, looks like a real watch, cost about 10 bucks. haha yes, all the fake stuff in this country is straight from Brazil.

So this week was just crazy fast. We had multi zone conference in Maldonado on wednesday, which was good. Got to see a few of my old house mates and friends. We have an investigator Nis, maybe I already told you about him but he is prepared. He talked to the missionaries a while back but never got baptized, he knows the book is true and everything, but something is stopping him. He should be baptized this friday. I think he´s just alittle timid. Old guy like 70 years old. But he has a bridge in front of his house that crosses a little stream thing. Little concrete bridge and when me and my companion both stepped on it, it broke and fell down. When Nis discovered later that it was broken he was really sad but he didn´t know it was us. We offered to help fix it and everthing, we tried telling him that it was us who broke the bridge but he just kept thinking we were joking, now look, we stepped on your brigde and it broke, we´re sorry. Then he´d just laugh and say we were so funny. Ugh. Anyways, we cleaned the baptismal pila this week too. Roll up our pants and sleeves and dump a bunch of bleach in there. It was fun. The people out here are harder to understand than in the city, they have a whole different vocabulary. We also found this woman named Gladys, she as well talked to missionaries a long time ago, like 3 years ago, and this elder who has a sister with downsyndrome found her which was perfect becasue Gladys has a downsyndrome son. Anyways she couldn´t be baptized because she was living with a man, but he left this year and now she is alone. Soooooo she finds comfort in reading the scriptures, which include the book of mormon. ohhh yes, She has read almost the whole book and it is full of notes from cover to cover. She is so prepared she has a date to be baptized the 29th of this month. And today was the best p day ever. We had to wake up at 5 again and catch a bus to Pan to Azucar. You´ll have to google it or something to see some pictures of the hill. But we went there and hiked the hill. It was sooo cool. At the bottom there was a big kind of zoo, but it was all broken and ghetto and the animals were just roaming around free, like some carpinchos (capibaras) and emus. Then we had to climb through this thick jungle stuff, reminded me alot of New Zealand. This rocky moldy trail with this little stream coming down it with fallen trees and stuff. Then we get up onto the top which looks alot like boulder mountain kind of. But there is a huge cross on the top of the hill. Its like 13 stories tall or something and you can go inside and up the spiral staircase inside. It was really fun. I´ll try to send some photos, but I forgot my cable back in the house so we´ll see if I can find one here from one of the other elderes. Its been a good week. I like it alot here in Minas. I could spend a long time here, I hope I do. 

Yesh yesh, anyways, I think that´s about it. I´ll try to put some photos on now, If not then next week for sure. 

Elder Webber

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