Monday, September 15, 2014

A Week In Review (Busy)...

bah, where to start. I´m just going to a review of the week by day.

 So ,monday, last p-day I just spent most of the time cleaning and preparing my district meeting for tuesday. 

Tuesday we had the zone breakfast and I gave my district meeting, the district did really really good two weeks ago and this week they just needed some encouragement to keep it up. It was a solid district meeting with practices and what not. Turns out the district had a pretty bad week, number wise, even though we did have 2 more baptisms. But we´ll get to that later. 

Wednesday I had to take the 45 minute bus ride to the city called Pando again to do another baptism interview, a girl who is the daughter of a member. The member went in-active for a while but recently came back. That went well. We only had time to work for a few hours, when we were working we saw what we thought was a woman and said hello but it was not. Not a woman and not a man. It was gross, then he told us we were beautiful men and we should come by some time. hmmm nooooooooo. Take a pamphlet and come to church if you want. 

Then thursday we spent most of that day preparing for our baptism in our area. Felix. We went over the baptism interview questions and everything and he was ready to go. Had a really strong testimony in priesthood power because something like 10 years ago he  had a blessing by a member in the ward. Who now is inactive, but Felix wanted him to baptize him. So we had to talk to the bishop and the bishop okayed it. It works because I think it helped the member become alittle more active. The sister missionaries had their baptism on thursday.  And I had to travel to a ward called Properidad, to do an interview for another district leader, District Leader Kamimoto. So it was pretty busy in general. That night we went to the church to make sure things were good and the lights were on and we could feel a breeze. We walked around and there were bloody handprints on the doors and a broken window with blood everywhere. It was like something out of a horror scene because it was night time and only some of the lights were on. All the doors to the closets and the security rooms were kicked in and a bunch of the chairs were missing. Turns out somebody robbed the church the night before. The bishop already knew and he was going to come and clean it the next morning. 

Friday.Temple trip! woohoo. Which was really fun, but also really stressful because we still a lot to do back in the area and I didn´t want to loose any time. We went to the temple then had a 6 HOUR conference with president. Just our zone. Ugh. I was stressing like nobody´s business. We got back late and just invited everybody to come to the baptism, just calling and texting like crazy and visiting all the less actives and inviting them. 

Saturday we had our baptism. There is a rule that there has to be somebody in the church while the font is filling up. Usually there is a member who is willing but there was a stake activity so we stayed and filled it up and studied our scriptures, played around on the piano, set up the chairs. It took a very long time because the hot water came our very very slowly. 730 rolled around and we were ready to go. We had a few investigators show up and they were really excited for their baptism which will be in a two weeks. or it better be. If they don´t I think the zone leaders might murder me. We had our leadership meeting this morning and they are really banking on this family getting baptized to reach the zone goal. Of course I want them to be baptized too, they are a really awesome family. Really understand the doctrine and keep their commitments. 

Sunday morning and I had forgetten that I had to give a talk. Oops. But I put one together and it was looking pretty good. about the divine nature of man. How we have the potential to become like God. But SOMEBODY went over their time by like 10 minutes. My companion. He talks alot. Too much. So when I got up the bishop held up 4 fingers meaning four minutes. Ugh. Its ok. We had lunch with the elders quorum president and they all made fun of him for taking too much time. They said they liked what I said, even though it was little. 

All in all a pretty crazy week. Alot to do and not enough time. And it doesn´t stop, I still have to prepare the district meeting for tomorrow and get working more with this family. Alot of work and alot of success. Really really happy that Felix got baptized. He is just a great guy with a really strong testimony. 

My shoes are good. They should last for a good while longer. I don´t think I need anything. I got the talk this week too. It time traveled because mom put the date as september 23. woooooohooo. Thanks mom.

Elder Webber

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