Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Birthday "Elder Zach"

Its getting hotter here. I guess to start we had a multi zone conference on tuesday and so we had to travel back into montevideo city. It was great of course and then wednesday we had an intercambio with the zone leaders. The first intercambio of my companion. He really enjoyed it and I learned a bunch from Elder Bilson who is from Orem Utah as well. He went to Mountain View Highschool and we had some mutual friends. With the heat and the slowly progressing investigators the week got pretty long and the house needed a paint job in our room because of mold on the wall sooooooo we painted a giant american flag! Of course we weren´t given any extra time to paint it so it had to be done during our lunch hour or after we plan at night. But sure enough we worked and painted enough to have it finished for my birthday sunday. 
Saturday before my birthday we went to the market place and I bought myself a birthday treat, a half kilo of a wheel of cheese and some fruit preserve to eat on bread. It was really good. My old companion, Elder Williams, before he went home left me a package and I opened that up as well. A cool butterfly knife, my measuring spoons that I forgot in the last house and a photo of Nacho Libre. Pretty good birthday if I do say so myself. We only sang the star bangled banner a dozen times while we were painting our flag. Sadly, sunday we didn´t have any investigators come to church. Its frustrating when they seem to be making such good progress and then they let something little like visiting a friend keep them from coming to church and being baptized. Ugh. The hardest thing to get the investigators to do is get them to come to church. If they just come to church two times they´re already in the water. Right now we are working with a woman called Rusa, who is a friend of the converts here and she told us she wanted to be baptized the first lession we had with her which was with Elder Bilson. We walked away from that lession and he said ¨well that was the easiest baptismal date ever¨ but she didn´t come to church, sooooo. We have to postpone her date for the next week. We are also working with a little boy who is a child of a less active family. Our plan is to activate the family again and then baptize the kid. Completing families. 

My companion is doing great. We both love guns and we got on the topic one day in the street. He has convinced me to buy a silencer/compressor for my SIG. Its alot of paper work and about a year of waiting but I think its worth it. I don´t think much more happened this week. We are doing well, but we can do better. We have so many potentials who are just right there but have silly little things stopping them. We will see. 

20 years old! woohoo. 

Elder Webber

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