Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Shoes!

Yeah! I just got the shoe package this week! ahhh new socks and new shoes. Boy do those bad boys feel pretty good. And all the chocolates were appreciated. I would just have the box next to my desk during study hours and I would just eat a few here and there and they were gone in a couple of days.... oh well. Sounds all good at home. 
 This week was a good week. Keeps getting hotter so I keep getting sunburned. We had a double mission conference this week with Elder Christensen of the presidency of the seventy. A very learned man if I do say so myself. We really enjoyed that. He had some time after for some Q and A. Most of the questions were pretty garbage honestly, and alittle too much brown nosing. ¨how can I improve my studies¨ ok come on. But there were a few that were pretty good. This saturday we spent most of the day up in Belloni helping the zone leaders do their open house for their church. Really successful, but I was worried that spending a saturday up there would hurt our church attendance the next day. It didn´t really. We still had 5 in church. Santiago didn´t show up, lamentablemente. 3 of the other four can´t progress because they aren´t married and the last one is an investigator called Laticia who we have been working with for a good few weeks now, but every week something just mysteriously happens that made it impossible to come to church. Daughter gets sick, grandma dies, stuff like that. We were on the verge of dropping her as an investigator but we found her one more time and invited her and she showed up! woohoo. Then we invited her to be baptized again and set up another lession and it went really well. Shared the plan of salvation and she got all teary eyed and seems really excited for her baptism in two weeks. Hope it all turns out. 
Last night we spent at the zone leaders house so that we could be there when the changes came in. Change week. We didn´t think that the zone would be changed too much and we were wrong. Everything changed. Every companionship in the zone got changed except for ours. It will be a struggle these next coming weeks. We were doing so well as a zone, I don´t really understand why they would change the whole zone like that. oh well. We will just have to adapt and work harder. I think that´s about it. Not much happened this week. I´ll try to send some photos from this week too. 

Elder Webber

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