Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Good Week....

This week was a different week because we didn´t church at our chapel because of the voting. Its hard to get investigators to come to a church that´s 45 minutes away in a bus and its even harder when its raining and they have to vote. 
Hard week, but we did see a good amount of success with our progressing investigators Laticia, Santiago and Walter. Tuesday we had a district meeting and I just went over some principles that I felt were important, one of which being diligence, and afterwards of course we had a snack. You gotta make sure the missionaries are happy and full if you want them to work hard. haha. Later that night during the varifications that I have to do one of the sisters told me that the meeting was truely inspired because they found a miracle investigator who talked to them about those principles and especially the diligence he saw in them. It was quite the compliment. 
During the week some goons on a motorbike tried to rob my companion, just driving by and tried to snatch his side satchel. Oh Bella Italia. 
We were teaching Laticia and we caught on that she has a smoking problem so we had to talk about the word of wisdom. Make it or break it. We went in and opened up with a review of the restoration just to get the spirit in there and to remind her that Jose Smith was really actually a prophet and chosen by God, then we came down with the commandments and she loved it. She made the decision to quit smoking and should be just about done this tuesday. She will be baptized the 20 of December with Santiago. Woohoo. I´m really looking forward to that, she will be a great member. 
Our other investigator, Walter, isn´t doing so hot, he is a slave to his addiction of smoking. He spent some hard years in the religion Makumba and drugs, messed with his noodle, its hard to keep his attention for too long. Really inteligent guy, but just not really competent. 
Not a whole lot more happened, its just getting really hot, and they say the first day of summer is the 21st of December. I forgot how terrible summer time is down here. 
I did get a bunch of free food this week, I don´t know what was going on, the churro vendor gave me a free churro when I only bought one and the veggie guy gave us 3 carrots for free when I wanted to buy 2. I don´t mind. 

Well that´s about it for now. 

Elder Webber

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