Thursday, November 21, 2013

Doing Well...

Thank you for getting that done! Well this week has been crazy for sure.
So Elder Holland came to talk to all the missionairies in the argentina missions and there were maybe 600 or so and we sat in the very very back row. because we are just ccm missionairies for now. Which was kinda lame but still really awesome, and he was yelling and screaming and banging his hand on the pulpit then we got back and were were told that he was eating at our ccm the next day and we needed to stay in our rooms and be quiet. like harry potter and dobby, so we did and then we had a devotional but we still had to be quiet. In the middle of some kids talk he comes walking into the room and we all stand up and what not, turns out the trio (me and my companions who are the best two guys here) gave our seats to some hermanas (sisters) on the fourth row and we were in the very back row again, but only of like 75 people so it was like 10 rows back, he was yelling and saying that if we went home or failed he was haunt us for our lives and he would make spooky sounds in the night and tie us up and drag us to our presidente. Then we all got to shake his hand, and since we were the very last ones when we went out into the hall he was right behind me. Like 2 feet. Then he grabs my companion and compliments us three on how healthy we looked and if we were working out.  It was awesome. 
Yeah that first week wasnt really that hard, the second week was killer.  Im teaching lessons and praying and having full on conversations (gospel) in español. It was tough for the week but i was having too much fun to think about how hard it was, and plus Aaron said to make each day worth while and Josh said to make each day the best day ever. So yeah.  
This building is pretty ghetto, showers are broken and the lights go out every couple days. There is one chef who is called papa noel. This week on tuesday all the other missionairies who had been here longer left to the feild so it was only our district in the ccm.  All 11 of us. I guess the teachers or staff figured we didnt need supervision so from that night at like 7 to the next morning we were all alone, in the big ccm without any power.  Living the ghetto life. Presidente said we were an unusually strong district in the sense of language and not whining all the time.  Oh the ghetto building is kinda cool cuz its approximatly 10 million degrees during the day so we open up the windows but the breeze comes in the windows and blows all the ceiling tiles around. One really big gust came in and all the tiles went flying everywhere and one kid yelled "espirítu Santo!!!" which is , holy ghost! We all thought that was pretty funny. 
Yeah thats about it as far as i can remember. 
Elder webber.

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