Thursday, November 28, 2013

Out "Clapping"

Well this week was crazy, last saturday was our first day clapping and boy do I have a few stories for you guys.  So they pick us up in this bus and drop us all off in these zones in the city with a little map and we just made a plan and started to clap.  The trio, me and my companions, just went to the first house and clapped, but we forgot to pray so we just started a prayer, and in the smack middle of the prayer, right after 'please help us to be successful" the door opens and this super cool lady with one leg and no teeth comes rollin out and accepts our LDM libro de mormon, and says she'll read and pray about it and that we can come by and teach her next week. Very first door of all of our missions, and we were just getting started, then we found this catholic lady, everybody is catholic and she was just chilling on her yard and she took a LDM too and said she would read and pray about mormoni 10;3-5.  For the next few hours we had a lot of contacts and since it was ridiculously easy to give away LDMs we decided to keep our last one for someone who was geniunly interested. So we saw that there was a little store on the map and we still had 2 hours left so we went to go talk to the owner and he was really cool but not interested in the gospel, he did however give us free candy. But right next door was this girl who was watering her plants or something and we talked to her and gave her the whole run down, her name was Abigail and we all talked for a while so I figured it was appropriate to give her our last LDM. Which i will later regret. We continued to meet contacts and we found a guy from georgia, the country, and he knew about Jose Smith and all that so we set up an appointment for next week at 3 with him.  As we were just finishing and we were heading back to the spot where they would pick us up, my companion, Elder Taylor who is from Idaho Falls and hes a short little dude but he's really in tune with the spirit, said maybe we should take a different road back. So me and Elder Fletcher, who is a semi-pro UFC fighter agreed and we clapped the houses on that street. Most of them just said "no no soy Catholica" so i was begining to doubt our little companiero. But one door opened and for some reason or the other we just couldn't get anything out, we were struggling with sentances like "do you have five minutes for our mesage?" and he looked at us like we were idiots and said you guys can speak english if you want. Which was a huge relief and my companieros are really struggling with the language, i spent most of that day translating what they tried to say into real spanish. This guy was prepared for us. In collage he wanted to know more about us so he tried doing some research and said he only got opinions from everybody. So this is where i was wanting that last LDM we gave away.  But long story short we told him about the church, he set up another appointment and gave his information, needless to say we were the most successfull companionship that day clapping. 

Other than that its just been a normal week, we have one chef, and his name is papa noel and the CCM is still ghetto and the power goes out and the airconditioning leaks water in everyother room. So happy thanksgiving!

Much loves, Elder Webber.

I'm thankful for, 
You guys back home
my friends who are serving and will serve. 
Hermano Cristeche
Hermano Mirosnikov. 
My companieros 
The gift of tongues
My scriptures. 
The church
Baby joe. 
My missionary planner.
Having a car because alot of the lamanites in the CCM their families have litterally nothing, no car, no phones, no electricity. No bikes no nothing.  Pretty eye opening that they would come on a mission. 

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