Thursday, December 5, 2013

Follow Up... to "Clapping"

Yeah It's pretty fun going out on the saturdays, So we went out this week fully expecting it to be as grand as last week.  We hop off that bus and hit the four first appointments we made, but since 12 to about 4 is siesta time, all four fell through. Things were looking pretty dismal so we made a stop at a local store and bought some goodies Then  we went to our good friend from Georgia, the country, and we taught him an awesome lesson about the LDM and he promised to read and pray about it, and said it was ok if we gave his info to the real missionaries, who we met like 30 minutes later walking the streets. Then we found this girl while we were clapping, I guess I never really described clapping, so everybody has gates at the front of their property and they rarely have doorbells cuz it's pretty ghetto, so you just stand on the street and clap, like 7 or 8 times and I guess they hear that. No idea how they know its for their house because all the houses are squished into the tiniest little gaps, but whatever.  Anyways we were clapping and found this girl who was learning english so I think she only wanted to talk to us because she wanted practice but we gave her a LDM and she started reading it and stuff but me and my companions think it was just because she wanted to keep us around longer but we had our appointment with the Faundo, the real english speaker! so we ran over to his place because we were almost late, and we were just giving him the run down of the LDM because he had alot of questions, and he asked why we were always so happy when we dont get paid and dont get to see our family and we work all day. Testimony time.   It was rad. then he almost cried when we gave him a LDM for free.  Supes cool.  Then we almost missed the bus but it was fun.  My comps are the best. Best two guys in the whole district.  Other than that, it was a pretty slow week.  Oh, if you havent already sent my christmas package to the mission home i would appreciate it if you would include my retainer, i think i left that at home.  And some ties, alot of ties.  Yup I started to get sick a couple days ago which was difficult.

Much loves,
Elder Webber

P.S.  Me and my teacher, and heres two more, Me and papa noel, our one chef, and my district.

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