Thursday, December 12, 2013

Having Fun and Moving out (soon)...

Our whole district, all 11 of us, are supposed to leave that same day--next Tuesday.  We will see. So yeah we changed zones for these last two weeks in the CCM.  Our new area is super duper ghetto, straight up shanties, like you can touch two houses with both elbows at the same time, if that makes any sense. 
Down in the depths of the ghetto theres not a whole lot of sun light.  Its creepy, but the people are super humble and really receptive to the message.  And the kids are awesome, they swarmed us and i did a magic trick for them and they were blown away, then they called me a liar when they figured it out... But whatever. Yup. 
This is my last week here, supposed to leave next tuesday, still going strong in the spanish stuff, except I still couldnt give directions if i needed to, but I can teach somebody about the apostasy and the restoration.  So it will be an interesting first couple weeks in the field. Ill have to send some photos when we visit the shantie town again this week. I learned how to do that clicking thing when you whip your wrist and your fingers snap. Its that thing that selena gomez does in that movie with her mom. Its called ├▒emongaru down here. Just figured mariah might like that fun fact.  Send me ties  :-) Just normal ties will do, I dont really mind, i just need some variety up in here.
Much loves,
Elder Webber

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