Monday, December 23, 2013

In The New Area (First Week)...

Yesh Pretty exciting stuff. Alot happened this last week. Well to start we left the CCM at like 4 in the morning and flew to argentina and met the president yada yada yada. All good fun. Then we met our companions, all of my american buddies from the ccm got white, american, english speaking companions, and I got..... Elder contreras. Hes super awesome though. Doesn´t speak any english at all which made things pretty fun. We then got on an omnibus, which is just the city bus and it dropped us off in what is now called Autodromo, which means race track. Its this little beach village about an hour east of montevideo city. Sand. sand everywhere. So we dragged our luggage up this half sandy and half paved road for like a mile maybe and found our ´'house'. Yeah its just a shack. A cinderblock shack with a corrogated metal roof.  Yup, and to make it better, the elders who were in this house before were messy lazy bums. So yeah, a companion who speaks no english, white washing an area, living in a shack with piles of trash and wet clothes in the corner.  They did leave some left over food in the fridge which was cool. My comp was pretty angry at the missionaries who lived here before, they literally had ONE investigator. We got like 3 our first day. So this whole week was just finding and clapping. Sunday was pretty cool cuz the ward mission leader speaks english.  The poor members here, they have nothing, yet they give so much. Their whole 'house' could fit in my bedroom pretty easily and the inside is packed with stuff, and a whole family. Crazy. Its about ten million degrees here. I'm getting a pretty good missionary tan already. To get to this internet cafe we had to walk for like 30 minutes then catch a bus that costs about 20 pesos and stand on that crazy train for 15. Busses are nutter butter. They dont even stop if they dont have to, just open the door and slows down. We get 3300 pesos a month which comes out to about 5 dollars a day. Feels good to be thinking in english. Its hard because everybody said that having a native as a comp would be good and Id learn faster but how do I learn if it all just goes over my head? Its a well known fact that chile people speak the fastest spanish, turns out my comp is from chile. Tough.
I'll be skyping at 4 o clock here in the afternoon. dont know what time that is there but whatever. That´s pretty good stuff about the korean kid, I think i do remember him. Didn´t get that package but oh well.
Loves, Elder Webber

P.S.  Yesh, and my comp said that his goal was to be the second best missionary because he wants me to be the best, pretty neat. They call new missionaries 'oros' which means 'golds'. Neat neat. 

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