Thursday, November 14, 2013

First Week in the MTC

Hola familia

Sounds pretty exciting back in the us of A. So yeah, theres like 75 missionaries total and maybe a third of those 75 are american.  When i got on my flight from utah to texas i was only with two sister missionaries, which was totally awkward but then we met some more elders in texas.  The CCM (mtc) is pretty small and right across the street from the temple.  They share the same parking lot i think.  But my district is 11 people strong and its an odd number because i have two companions.  Elder taylor and elder fletcher.  We are a trio because one elder never showed up.  so its pretty fun.  The very first class you have is how to pray in spanish.  I am amazed with how much espanol i have learned!!! one week in and me and my companions taught a lesson yesterday, its called cray, which is where its a one time lesson with a non progressing investigator.  All roled played but still, so we gave that and it was 100 percent espanol and we didnt have it memorized or anything. I can say my testimony on any principle of the gospel and stuff like that but if you asked me to buy some bread from the grocery store I couldnt do that.  We have two latino room mates, Elder Sinos from peru and elder Ford, my favorite from uruguay, neither speaks any english at all, so the first couple days were really awkward but now we can have almost full on conversations, (about the gospel because thats all we know.) Thats basically it.  Pretty ghetto but itll do, "shes old but shell hold" most the showers dont have warm water or shower heads at all and the food is pretty weird but ive had it before.  OH! our teachers are the best, hno Cristeche, hno mirosnikov, hno pederson,  They speak about as much english as we speak spanish,  on the third saturday of you ccm stay, the districts go out prosiliting (no idea on spelling) they call it clapping, but we go out on the real streets and try to talk to real people and get referals which we then give to the real missionaries.  Crazy fun, and elder holland is coming this weekend so its pretty exciting. Thats all i can really think of at the moment but yeah.  Bubbaganoosh. Oh and the only way to send letters to the ccm is through pouche mail.  And i cant any packages here so youll have to send them to the mission home.  Have ben or somebody post that on my facebook so the amigos know.  

Buenos tardes, 

Elder Webber

We pray in the morning we pray for breakfast we pray at class, we pray after class, we pray for lunch, we pray for the next class, we pray at the end of that class, at dinner, and two more times at the next class and twice more for our role play lessons we give. So its alot of praying.  Our mission president is crazy learned in the scriptures and he can answer anything with a verse and he has them basically memorized and my plaque scripture is 3 nephi 5;3.  Yeah cant send photos because i cant take photos until next sunday,  some weird ccm rule. 

Elder Webber

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