Monday, May 18, 2015

Zone Conference...

That´s pretty crazy at nationals. Good fun. Good ole rugby, we are teaching a girl who plays rugby here, well we are starting to teaching her, we´ll see if she progresses or not. 
Well, this week was prety hectic. I guess most of the weeks down here are pretty busy, but this one more than usual. We had to get everything ready for the conference we had with president this thursday. We had to get the projector and the screen ready, set up the "workshops" and the where we would eat lunch. Get the schedule ready for the zone and all that good stuff. The financers sent us a budget of 4400 pesos. About 200 dolars to feed the 20 people who would be at the conference. We spent about 3000 on these GIANT burgers here that are called Tortugones. Big turtles. The meat itself weighs about a Kilo (2.2 pounds) They were shared between companionships. President was pretty impressed. The extra 1400 pesos was spent on drinks, fruit, napkins, cups, and cookies. Of course, my companion, being latin, wanted to buy 50 dolars worth of chocolate with the budget. Hmmm no. The conference went well, and we all had interviews with president while the assistants gave their "workshops". While one companion is being interviewed by president his companion is with presidents wife being interviewed and they should switch every 7 minutes. So every 7 minutes we had to knock on presidents door to let him know that it was nearing time to switch. Sooo my copmanion and I didn´t really get to participate very much in the "workshops". oh well. 
We did divisions with the assistants afterwards. I went with Elder Gallergher from California. Super spiritual missionary. I learned alot. The rest of the week was pretty normal, not a whole lot to say. We dont really have a whole lot of potential now in the area, that was really depressing when I get here, but we´ve been trying this "new iniciative" that gets the members more involved. They seem excited about it. We´ll see if there is any real success this week and next week.
If you could, maybe the next time you go up to temple square, grab a bunch of the leaves, laminate them and mail them to me. Like 20 or 30 at least. That would be helpful.
Elder Webber

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