Monday, May 25, 2015

Finding Success and Having Fun!

Ba what a crazy week. I had it all written down in my agenda but I forgot that in the house, because its p-day and we just got back from a legit zone activity. I´ll try to remember all that happened this week.

Really, nothing really special happened this week, but we are really started to see the fruits of our labors here. Law of the harvest, you reap what you sow and we´ve been sowing for a while now. Working with the members with this new initiative has been pretty hard. The members are either our best friends or our biggest obstacles. I guess you just gotta treat them like investigators, give them commitments, if they dont do their commitments then they arent progressing and we have to drop them. 
This week we were fighting against all the fleas that we have in our house. My companion said that they´ve been their for a few weeks before I got there. That´s not cool. Crawling around and doing flea stuff. Then I got this weird foot fungus. Yeah, my companion had that a few weeks before I got here too. haha. Well. That´s just the way it is. 
So we were walking in the street one day, and we hear a woman yelling at us and telling us to follow her. So we turned around and followed her home. She took us in and presented us to her son, who is like 40 years old and he is a member and wants to come back. Nice. He has a bunch of old photos from when he was a boy scout. The scouts havent been a program down here for almost 20 years. He said he had so many good friendships and memories with the church and with his young mens group that he wanted to come back. He started his rempentance process this week and in a month or so he´ll be back to having all of his rights! Annnnnd the best part, his mom isn´t a member and is listening. Then we were in the street and we see a guy with a bunch of tattoos and peirces but he´s walking on sunshine, super happy and he´s got a bible in this hand. So we talked to him, just got out of jail and wants to change his life, follow Jesus. Ok, well come with us. He was on his way to the Universal Church. Ask aaron, I´m sure he knows it. haha. Well him and the woman we found both came to church. Sadly he (his name is frederico) wanted to change so much that he left his girlfriend and his friends and now has no place to live. Talk about taking a step of faith. Hes such an awesome guy. 
We have a lot of members who are super excited to work with us and are inviting all their friends to church. We are getting referals like crazy. I think this next week, we´re really gunna see the whole ward working together. I´m so excited. 
Today we went to this place called la barra. Its a beach down by punta del este. Because its wintertime down here nobody is at the beaches except for missionaries. We had a zone activity and we did all sorts of games and races. We took some really nice photos that I dont have with me right now, but I will send those some time. 

Thanks for the card, I´ll let  you know when that gets here. Luckily the letters go straight tot he offices unlike the packages that get caught up in customs. 

I think that´s everything. If I forgot something I´ll probably just write it in the next email. 

Elder Webber

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